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    Kamala Harris’ Aid Program Profiled As ‘Straight-Up Corruption’

    When Joe Biden handed to Kamala Harris, his vice president, the “assignment” of dealing with the southern border and the crisis of illegal aliens he created when he canceled President Trump’s border security plans, she went not to the border, but overseas.

    Because that’s where the aliens were coming from, she explained, and after all, if Americans could make their home countries just like the U.S., they wouldn’t feel the need to come.

    Her scheme has cost taxpayers millions of dollars, and now is costing another $60 million.

    It’s according to a report at Judicial Watch’s Corruption Chronicles.

    It explained taxpayers are spending “billions” on those illegal aliens in the U.S., but the Biden administration continues to give “Central American nations tens of millions in humanitarian funding with the hopes that it will improve life enough to deter its citizens from coming here illegally.’

    The Chronicles explained, “It is part of the administration’s costly and ill-fated effort to curb ‘irregular migration’ via the southwest border from three targeted countries known as the northern triangle—El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras.”

    It explained Harris is having the U.S. invest “large sums to tackle the ‘root causes’ or drivers of irregular migration by supposedly improving conditions in the three impoverished countries ‘so people do not feel compelled to leave their homes.’”

    That experiment, since the beginning of 2021, has cost American taxpayers $300 million.

    But it has accomplished little.

    “In fiscal year 2022 a record 2.4 million illegal aliens entered the country through Mexico, a major increase from an already high of 1.73 million in 2021. More than half a million of the 2022 migrants were nationals of the northern triangle, illustrating the ineffectiveness of Biden’s multi-million-dollar plan. They included 228,000 Guatemalans, 199,000 Hondurans, and 93,000 Salvadorans,” the Chronicles reported.

    “It is worth noting that the region is not exactly sending its finest citizens. In 2022 Border Patrol agents apprehended hundreds of gang members—mostly from the famously violent Mara Salvatrucha (MS-13) which was formed by Salvadoran immigrants—and dozens of people on the national terrorist watchlist.”

    Even though, the report said, “money is clearly not solving the problem,” “a few days ago, the government announced another $60 million to combat the root cause of irregular migration from Central America.”

    This funding focuses on “gender-based violence,” the report said.

    “The so-called ‘root causes’ strategy ‘supports programs that create economic opportunities in the region for people to live, work, and learn in safety and dignity, contribute to and benefit from the democratic process, have confidence in public institutions, and enjoy opportunities to create futures for themselves and their families at home,’ according to the U.S. government. It may sound like a decent argument to keep the cash flowing, but it is clearly not working,” the report said.



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