Kamala Harris Dismisses Kavanaugh’s Pocket Constitution: ‘THAT BOOK YOU CARRY’

Amber Athey, Media and Breaking News Editor

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris referred to SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s pocket Constitution as “that book you carry” on Thursday.

Harris was listing what she believes to be unenumerated rights that are not explicitly listed in the U.S. Constitution and asked Kavanaugh which ones he would get rid of.



“I’m gonna ask you about unenumerated rights,” Harris said. “‘Unenumerated rights’ is a phrase that lawyers use but I wanna make clear what we’re talking about. It means rights that are protected by the Constitution even though they’re not specifically mentioned by the Constitution.”

“So they’re not in that book that you carry,” she said derisively. (RELATED: Close-Up Images Of Brett Kavanaugh’s Constitution Reveal That It’s No Prop)

Kavanaugh replied to Harris’ assertion with a smile.

“The Constitution — it is in the book that I carry,” Kavanaugh retorted. “The Constitution protects unenumerated rights, that’s what the Supreme Court has said.”

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c e voigtsberger

It’s “faze,” Bill. And, yes, correct word usage and grammar do matter, despite what some would claim that grammar and word usage are the devices to hold down minorities of the white power structure.

Unlike many languages which are somewhat vague, English because of its rich multi-language base is a precise language where one avoid misunderstanding with correct word usage and grammar.

c e voigtsberger

Well, we all know that the Bill of Rights and the Constitution were written by mostly slave owning, old white men and all those provisions are completely out of date now — that is except for the ones we like.

William Hicks

I guess being confronted by a rude “undisclosed” senator doesn’t phase the most recent “undisclosed” nominee for SCOTUS; and that must really piss her off.