Kelly Long lands Endosement for Ventura County Supervisor


Rae Anne Michael

Ms. Rae Anne Michael Endorses Kelly Long for Ventura County Supervisor District 3

Mrs. Rae Anne Michael, former superintendent of the Pleasant Valley School District announced her support for small businesswoman and education leader Kelly Long for Ventura County Board of Supervisors. 

“Kelly Long has my endorsement for Ventura County Supervisor, because she is knowledgeable and dedicated to the community, families, staff and businesses. Kelly Long has been a school board member for our community and has made very excellent decisions for the children and staff in Pleasant Valley School District during my tenure as superintendent.” said Michael. “She is prepared as a board member, studies the issues, and makes decisions with a focused vision. She is dedicated to her work and truly cares. You will find her asking questions, listening, and studying issues before casting a vote or making a decision. Information is powerful, and she uses it to make great decisions for our community. She is meeting regularly with all stakeholders when requested. I am confident she will use her skills and passion and make a real difference as County Supervisor.”

Ms.Michael held the position of Superintendent since 2012 and recently retired in June, 2016 in the Camarillo district she calls her “other home”. Ms. Michael began her 36-year career working for the district as a third grade teacher at Los Primeros. She spent the next 17 years as a classroom teacher before becoming principal at several campuses. Before taking the superintendent position, she served as the district’s curriculum director. Pleasant Valley School District serves 6,700 students from preschool to eighth grade. The district has 11 campuses. 
Kelly Long is the past president of the Pleasant Valley School Board.  She is a small businesswoman and mechanical engineer, and has six U.S. patents.  She is running for Board of Supervisors as a fiscal conservative focused on the best policies for our families and our communities.

The future of Ventura Country is in our hands. 

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