Kid’s Corner: Genetically Modified Organisms


By Tyler Bolsoni

June 19, 2013

Do you know what Genetically Modified Organisms are?

GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.   GMO makes genetic changes in food, an example would be a tomato and a fish.  The tomato would get the fish genes.   But worse yet, chemicals or toxins are put in the seed.

Why is that important?   Bugs die if they eat the chemicals.   Rats get tumors form such toxins.   Isn’t that bad for us?

Genetically Modified Organisms are put in fruits, vegetables, meat, fast food, sodas, cereals, sweets and frozen foods.

The companies who make it, don’t ever eat it.  The food companies include:  Monsanto, Dow, Nestle and others.

Do you notice how cancer is on the rise?  Diabetes is off the charts and autism is increasing?

Before Genetically Modified Organisms, the listed diseases were not common at all.

Organic food doesn’t have these chemicals and such food was raised naturally.  A good place to find organic foods is at your local farmer’s market.

Which would you choose, organic food or Genetically Modified Organisms to eat?


Nine-year-old Tyler Bolsoni is our youngest Citizens Journalist.



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Pretty impressive for a nine-year old. I was playing video games and baseball when I was that age.