Killing Animals vs killing children

look arial, healing sans-serif;”>By Leo G. Alvarez

cialis arial,sans-serif;”>When we hear of the death of child who was abused or neglected we feel a few seconds of empathy for their families, but life goes on. Our feelings may sometimes extend beyond empathy for the families and we may feel momentary anger directed at the killer or the Agency who may have been involved at one time in the child’s troubled life.

But then we have cases such as Cecil the lion. Walter Palmer shot and killed Cecil because Cecil was regarded as a trophy animal, a few spots above the run of the mill wild lion.

Now the country of Zimbabwe wants to extradite Dr. Palmer for prosecution in their country. Palmer and Cecil’s meeting was orchestrated after an exchange of money, which is legal in Zimbabwe. But animal activists took the bit in their mouths and ran with it because, apparently, Cecil was lured out of his area to one where he could be shot…with an arrow.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) has been in existence since the late 1800’s. They spend extravagantly in Advertising which is intriguing to me.

t is intriguing to me because if instead of showing animals in their commercials they were to show American children in similar conditions they would have to change but a few words in the audio but they would be showing and depicting conditions that millions of American children live in each year. Millions of children are abused each year, as are animals.

America took nearly a century after the founding of the SPCA before our legislators finally acknowledged the horrendous problem of child abuse and neglect in America. Millions of children each year were painfully abused, primarily by their families, and thousands were being killed and America had nothing at the national level addressing the issue.

Family Preservationist entered the scene and went to their legislators. They took on the issue of child abuse and neglect but with the tack that the family that was harming and neglecting children needed help, not prosecution, for the crime of child abuse. Their philosophy was to keep the child in this bad situation while social workers tried to mend the family. It is tantamount to a father giving his teen aged son the keys to the family car and saying, “…here take the keys and learn how to drive…”, as in here, take this abused child back home and learn to be a better parent.

The concept presented to congress was tied to funding for social services to take on the programs of helping families with abused and neglected children. For good measure congress in its infinite wisdom wrote in the confidentiality clause to, in their words, protect the child and the parents. Never mind that the children were the victims of their parents’ crimes of abuse and neglect. This is why CPS can say “no comment” when questioned about a case.

They also included words to the effect that parents who murdered a child would not be reunited with their other children – except on a case by case basis as determined by the State who passed that decision on to judges.

CAPTA, the Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act does not stop there. It also protects drug addicted women from prosecution who give birth to drug addicted babies the premise being that social workers and others will guide them away from drugs and turn them into good parents.

It is sad, but Animals do get more concern than abused and neglected children.



Leo Alvarez is retired from Oxnard PD and is President of the Children’s Wall of Tears™

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