Kyle Rittenhouse Found Not Guilty In Kenosha Shooting

Greg Albaugh

Jurors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Friday declared Kyle Rittenhouse not guilty on all counts, capping off an intense trial surrounding the deadly unrest in that city last summer.

Rittenhouse, 18, would have faced a mandatory life sentence if found guilty and convicted of first-degree intentional homicide.

The verdict came on the fourth day of deliberations and 15th day of the trial.

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Michael A...

The important take away is that the “trial by a jury of one’s peers” is preserved. America’s crap media tried and failed to take that away.

William Hicks

If I were his Dad, after giving him a tongue lashing for putting himself in the position that the governor was responsible for and should’ve taken. I would’ve praised him for his constraint in using lethal force.

Being a stupid 17 year old is not commensurate to being charged and sentenced for murder when it was pure self defense.


Justice, when it prevails is a miraculous drug. We have not seen much of that for some time.

F. Schumberger-Guldenburg

this whole thing was b.s. from the outset


“The Black Panthers showing up and killing people” – sounds like murder. STOP IT with the terrible comparisons.

EVERY PERSON has a right to self defense!! He was being attacked and the numerous videos clearly show it.

The biggest national disgrace in all this is the prosecution. And the liberal media spin which has very unfortunately succeeded in misleading you and many many others with low critical thinking skills.

The Prosecution failed. America wins.

C E Voigtsbergfer

I assume from your comments that you sat through the whole trial and listened to all the testimony and reviewed all the items received in evidence and listened to the judge’s instructions to the jury.

What? You did none of those things? Sorry, Laverne, you are not qualified to comment on the outcome of the trial. I can assure you from first hand experience, having sat in court and written down every single word uttered in the trail and then going home and reading the newspaper reporter’s account of what he or she perceived happened in court I frequently wondered what planet one of us had been on that day because the newspaper account at times was at wild variance from what I had written down in the official record.

So, if you didn’t sit through all the sessions of court, listening attentively to all the testimony and reviewing all of the evidence entered and having heard the judge’s instructions, you have about as much knowledge to comment on the trial as you have on how to build a rocket for flight to Mars. There is a common crude expression that is oftentimes uttered to somebody who spouts off without a bit of knowledge but I won’t repeat it here. You probably know what it is.

Oh, and by the way, a relative of mine who happens to actually have practiced law told me he reviewed the pertinent Wisconsin statute that the defendant was charged with violating and he reported to me that it was so confusing that there was no way of obtaining a conviction under its provisions. There is a common law dictum that in order to be convicted of violating a statute, the statute must be written in language understandable by the average person so that they know what is prohibited and what is allowed. Apparently that particular Wisconsin statute fails a centuries old dictum.

William Hicks

BLACKPANTHERS DO KILL PEOPLE and are rewarded with professorships at Berkeley.

You drank the kool-aid that MSNBC used to try an innocent kid in the public domain instead of a court of law.

Justice won…..public domain and leftist lost.