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By L. Neil Smith 

I was reading an article the other day about some guy named Kris Kobach, who is the Republican Secretary of State for the state of Kansas. It seems that he has accepted a job writing regularly for Breitbart, which has caused every “progressive” head within a thousand miles to explode.

In their distorted view, Breitbart (I suppose it helps if you bash yourself over the head a couple of times with a pipe wrench), is a “far-right”, racist, white supremacist, organization (as opposed, for example, to a few far-left, racist, black supremacist organizations we could name), especially since former White House advisor Steve Bannon rejoined it recently, after being “fired”, according to the lamestream media. Somehow Kobach has also established himself as a racist and a white supremacist because he doesn’t like open borders (overlooking the likelihood that he would oppose uncontrolled immigration from England, Canada,South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, which would make him a very peculiar racist and white supremacist, indeed).

The fact of the matter, of course, is that under the demented standards that Breitbart and Kobach are being judged by, President Dwight David Eisenhower was”far right”, as is anyone (Rush Limbaugh, for instance, whom I’ve never heard utter a word that Ike would disapprove of), microscopically more conservative than Hubert Horatio Humphrey.

That cesspool of left-wing money-grubbing bigotry and ignorance, the Southern Poverty Law Center, describes Brightbart as representing “the extremist fringe of the conservative right”. That sounds a little bit like “the tasselson the ends of the fringe” or even “the lint on the ends of the tassels”. On the other hand, I, who am not conservative at all, read it and Drudgerepot.com with breakfast every morning, just like my dad did his morning newspaper. Being a life-long radical libertarian, I don’t agree with everything I see at either of those sites, but it’s a splendid relief from six decades of neo-Marxism from the establishment media.

As more and more individuals seek out non-fake media, the fortunes of organs like the _New York Times_, the _Washington Post_ and _Time_ magazine plummet precipitously. The real news is full of the humiliating sacrifices the _NYT_ has had to make — the loss of its building, for example — in order to keep printing. CNN, which, in a way, unintentionally started all this decline, has never made a profit; the last I heard, it was losing about a million dollars a year. And even lyricist Billy Joel says of _Time_ magazine, “I read it, too, what does it mean?” Yet the left persists in a kind of blindfolded lunacy that does them much more damage than it does anybody else.

Thus, in a sudden, blazing flash of the perfectly obvious, I recently realized that entities like those in the mass media and SPLC are simply not bright enough to comprehend the existence of the individual, as such, capable of thinking for himself, or the phenomenon of individualism which was the driving force of the American Revolution, as well as the most effective of their enemies. The left regards both as a kind of stubborn perversion, which they ignorantly and twistedly confuse with racism or elitism. If you’re not one of the herd, you’re the Enemy. (Never forget that there are plenty of right-wing anti-individualists, too.)

The next time that you find yourself  compelled by circumstances to listen to leftist maunderings, from those of Charles Schumer (he wants you to call him “Chuck”) to Bono (he wants you to call him “Jesus”), observe closely that everything they say and do and believe rests on their understanding (not always accurate) of what others around them say and do and believe. They have been conditioned that way, socially hypnotized, brain-washed, since they first began being preached at by the prpagandists of _Sesame Street_. They tell fairy tales (like the wonderfulness of Hillary Clinton) to themselves and each other until they believe them — which is why they all suffered a psychotic break together when Donald Trump was elected President,

Ayn Rand called something very like this “social metaphysics”, the substitution of other peoples’ feelings and opinions for the facts of objective reality. They can’t conceive of being any other way, of stepping away from the mob and reclaiming their sovereignty as individuals. What the cure for this syndrome may be, I have no idea, but it slowly gnaws away at the most individualistic of undertakings.  like the Republican party, the Cato Institute, and _Reason_ magazine, all of which used to stand for something noble, long ago, but no longer speak to the individual.

The next time you’re puzzled by the actions of Black Lives Matter, Anti-fa, By Any Means Necessary, or the United States House of Representatives, stop looking at the behavior of individuals, and try to watch the group as a whole. Compare them to ants, to honeybees, to a nest of termites. (Or perhaps a gaggle of lemmings.) No wonder it’s impossible to get through to them. They’re listening to — and filled with — the Hive Mind.

L. Neil Smith

Celebrated and award-winning author of over 30 books and countless shorter pieces, L. Neil Smith is available, at professional rates, to write articles and speeches for you or your organization, providing that our principles are compatible. Contact him at [email protected].


“Any official, appointed or elected, at any level of government, who attempts, through legislative act or other means, to nullify, evade, or avoid the provisions of the first ten amendments to this Constitution, or of the Thirteenth Amendment, shall be summarily removed from office, and, upon conviction, deprived of all pay and benefits including pension, and sentenced to imprisonment for life.”


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