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by L. Neil Smith

Foreign policy is not my cup of _kimchi_. In fact, this is the first time I can remember ever writing about it. Not even Europe figures significantly in my novels; future-wise, the Old World is irrelevant.  Like General Billy Mitchell, Homer Lea (look him up), and prophetic  others, I’ve always seen America as, essentially, a Pacific power and regard Canada and Mexico as maybe somewhat important.

Although I’ve had my foreign policy thoughts …

Chickens, it would appear, are in the news right now (and no, I’m not changing the subject). Since the North Korean communists appear suddenly to have gotten nasty again (when, I ask you, were they really ever otherwise?), every strictly mundane, conventional thinker in Western Civilization is running around like his head’s been cut off, and prominent Democrats are cock-a-doodle-doing that the Donald’s peace efforts have croaked.

Hooray! We get to have our nuclear war after all! Hundreds of millions of men, women, and children are going to die horribly! Isn’t that _so_ much better than that fascist Trump succeeding at anything? The Democrat leeches, the Pelosis, Schumers, and Feinsteins infesting the Swamp seem to think so.

But wait — Donald is no chicken, he’s a duck. And didn’t the Teflon Donald warn us that things might go this way for a cycle or two? Being an old guy, the same age Trump is, I remember vividly how bewildering and frustrating the anti-communist allies found dealing with Little Kim’s crazy grandpa in the 1950s during the cease-fire talks at Panmunjom.

The Norks were deeply into mind-fornication (to put it politely) in those days, “brain-washing” allied prisoners of war, calling conferences off and on again over trivia, arguing about the shape of the negotiation table, and generally bamboozling their easily confused adversaries. Surrealism is a brilliant tactic if you can manage it. For all of his tough talk, Harry Truman, Missouri haberdasher and World War I Reserve Army artillery colonel, was a feeble-minded weenie, whose idiotic timidity created the current situation. General and President Dwight David Eisenhower may have been a military fellow, but he was overly linear, essentially a bureaucratic “Herbert”, like Captain Picard and Commander Sisko, when what we really needed was a pirate like Captain
Kirk — or President Trump.

Nearly 70 years of Stan Freburg, however, of Tom Lehrer, Lenny Bruce. Dan Rowan and Dick Martin, George Carlin, Monty Python, Gilda Radner, Gene Wilder, Steve Martin, Jane Curtain, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Rodney Dangerfield, Don Rickles, Steven Wright, Redd Foxx, Jane Curtin, Sam Kinison, Mel Brooks, and other therapists have readied our minds to deal with clowns like the North Koreans, and, because, like all Marxists, they don’t really have a sense of humor, even out-do them. Trump’s abrupt decision, in the face of sudden nastiness, to cancel
talks with Kim Jong Un has already borne fruit, with the Northern government crying, “Stop! Wait! We didn’t really mean it!” Which makes the Donald, in my opinion, King of the Clowns.

Maybe next time, Democrats and the media will listen — but I won’t hold my breath.

Now, concerning Trump’s real goal, total denuclearization of the Korean peninsula, some thoughts …

First, although I agree that it would be a good thing, who the hell are we, and by what right, do we demand that another country strip itself of its nuclear defenses, when we have thousands of atomic bombs? They’re wrong, but they think _we’re_ the bad guys. If we remove our goodies from the peninsula, any one of our carrier groups, offshore, could deliver all-out thermonuclear _schrecklicheit_ to Pyongyang on a moment’s notice. That may be a practical desirability, but what does it say for the all-American value of equity?

Second, the United States government, as such, is bitterly opposed to the Second Amendment, and has illegally schemed for decades to rip personal weapons from your hands and mine. How much good has it done them? Every time one of their bucket-headed stooges flaps his yap about “gun control”, people go out and buy a million more guns.

We — whoever that is — are now in the business of trying to impose “gun control” on North Korea. Tell me, what would it take to bully you out of possession of the weapons you have? British gun control attempts sparked our Revolution. I know that if the State tried to steal my guns, there would be a lot more “cold, dead fingers” lying around than just mine.

So — thought experiment — the North Koreans have paid dearly for their nukes. Tens of thousands have died, often of starvation, so that Little Kim can wag his nuclear _schlang_ around. What will it take to get him to give it up without blowing him off the face of the Earth?

Just asking …

Meanwhile, a heartfelt hat-tip to Harris Faulkner on Fox’s “Outnumbered” this morning, discussing the Korean issue with her Barbie-esque cohorts and Ari Fleischer, Grand Champion Herbert of the Bush 41 Administration, for correctly identifying “integrity” ( a quality Ol’ George never possessed — or even heard of) as “doing the right thing whether anybody’s watching you or not”. I never thought I’d hear anything like that on television. Thank you, Harris.

L. Neil Smith

Celebrated and award-winning author of over 30 books and countless shorter pieces, L. Neil Smith is available, at professional rates, to write articles and speeches for you or your organization, providing that our principles are compatible. Contact him at [email protected].

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