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    LA City Attorney Feuer Calls For Presidential Task Force On Abortion

    News Release

    Los Angeles, CA – Quickly following the authentication of the leaked Alito Opinion overturning Roe v. Wade, Los Angeles City Attorney and Mayoral Candidate Mike Feuer contacted the Biden White House regarding setting up a “Presidential Task Force for Women’s Medical Freedom,” led by local, state, and national elected leaders, community organizations, and corporations.

    Feuer likened the crisis to the division in America over slavery a century and a half ago.

    Feuer stated:

    “It is not hyperbolic to compare the coming storm to the division in America over slavery 170 years ago. Not only will these radical bans disproportionately hurt Black and Brown Women, but we will devolve into a deeply-divided nation where only half our states protect women’s fundamental rights, relegating the rest of America’s women to carrying unwanted pregnancies to term, resorting to unsafe procedures that jeopardize their health, or, if they can afford it, fleeing their homes to seek medical care elsewhere. It is neither just nor humane to abolish the fundamental rights of women and girls in half the states in America merely because of where they live. Those women and girls need us now.”

    Feuer also suggested addressing the attacks on women’s reproductive freedoms by:

    Expanding clinic capacity in states where abortion remains legal;
    Coordinating logistics and funding to provide housing and transportation for women and girls who must travel long distances to other states to obtain safe and legal abortions;
    Funding and staffing legal defense efforts for women, providers and others targeted by so-called bounty laws in states outlawing abortion;
    Protecting medical providers in states where abortion is legal who should be able to consult remotely with patients without fear of prosecution or lawsuits;
    Expanding and securing the right to mail and receive abortion medications across state lines, regardless of the age of the patient; and
    Providing resettlement support for women and girls who flee states where abortion is prohibited and fear legal repercussions if they were to return home.

    Please click HERE to read Feuer’s letter to President Joe Biden.



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