LA Times Accuses Larry Elder Of Being The ‘Black Face Of White Supremacy’

Elder: 'Gavin Newsom is scared to death'

WND News ServicesBy WND News Services

(POST MILLENNIAL) – The Los Angeles Times published an article Friday, accusing California gubernatorial candidate Larry Elder of being the “black face of white supremacy.” Columnist Erika D. Smith wrote the bizarre piece on the Republican radio host, noting, “Like a lot of Black people, though, I’ve learned that it’s often best just to ignore people like Elder.” She then opines that Elder is too big of a threat to ignore and that should he become California’s next governor, life would become very difficult for black people.

“But with polls showing that nearly half of likely voters support recalling Newsom and that Elder is in the lead to replace him, ignoring the self-proclaimed Sage from South-Central is no longer a viable strategy. Particularly for Black people,” Smith said.

Millions of Californians have petitioned for Newsom to face a recall, and it may result in his expulsion and Elder’s election to the executive seat. Although dozens of candidates are on the ballot, Larry Elder appears to be the most serious rival to Newsom and his agenda for the state. Elder says this is why Newsom and his allies in the media are now attacking him. “Gavin Newsom is scared to death,” Elder said in an interview with Candice Owens.

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Michael A...

I hope Larry Elder wins. I also hope The LA Times goes belly up, and soon. I hope too, that Democrats don’t cheat this recall election. Because, you know, Democrats they would NEVER dream of cheating. LOL


This is a shocking low, even for the LA Times !
I mean, really?


If defending a constitution that declares “all men are created equal” is white supremacy then maybe white supremacy isn’t all that bad