Lack of Perspective: A Death Knell Worth Losing



By Mike Smith

For the Trump voters, it’s critical we understand what we voted for and why. For the non-Trump voters, it’s just as critical that the same be understood. President Trump is a bull in the D.C. china shop—this is ultimately what he was sent to Washington to be. And his harsh treatment of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, however unwelcome, came with the Trump package deal. Well folks, this deal was the only one that would also allow us to peacefully keep the republic (or what’s left of it). Way too many of us have lost sight of this, to our detriment—and by design.

Anyone who voted President Trump into office and now derides him for his treatment of Sessions is lacking perspective. It shows, and it just reaffirms that the better half of our country is still in the victim role of the Left’s divide and conquer strategy—one that still works better than anything President Trump is doing. In other words, we are our own worst enemy. This can be turned around! But first, we on the Right must gain enough perspective to win again and put the Left on its heels.

Facing what would have been the end of the republic, the Trump voters voted on the basis of preventing that vis-à-vis the last peaceful measure in our system. Look: these folks had a binary choice of keeping what’s left of America or losing it all to left wing fundamental transformation.

Of course, if we use the dictionary of the Founding Fathers (and we must), this “choice” was no real choice at all—it was forced on us by those who live by the dictionary of leftism, their political kindred spirits in every state and the capitol, and the failed legacy of both that threatens every freedom lover. And let’s not forget: not all Trump voters are Trump cheerleaders. In fact, most voted more against Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump. Whatever good may yet come, history says the 2016 election was the fear election of our time.

Also, one of the least understood things about President Trump is how effective he is at creating deterrence. This is the highest positive of his bull-in-the-china-shop actions. This man, whatever his faults, is the ‘Deterrer in Chief’. Just ask anyone who lives on our southern border: illegal crossings since January are at a twenty-year low, and wall construction hasn’t even begun yet! Proper perspective allowed that.

Gaining perspective means accepting that while President Trump is bullying Attorney General Sessions, that same bullying habit benefits us in areas far more important to our everyday lives. And though Mr. Sessions has done more to advance the Trump agenda than any other cabinet-level leader, keeping the republic does not (repeat: not) hinge on whether he stays or goes as Attorney General. To not understand this —or reject it— is to lack perspective. And to lack it is to utterly fail.

Love it or hate it, if you value your freedom, the Trump package deal is non-negotiable. What was voted for last November is being delivered, impurities and all. Remember: politics is diplomacy by another name. If too many fake conservatives still let the pure be the enemy of the better in 2018 and 2020, diplomacy will end in 2021. And guess what comes after that, folks! It’s time for all of us on the Right to put adult size pants on, not wet them, see through the looking glass of winning, and do it. Let us be able to look back one day and say to our children and grandchildren, “our cold civil war did not melt over—it froze over, and we ended it for you!”

Mike Smith is a writer, Millennial and nationalist conservative living in Camarillo. He reasons through the written word so clarity can outdo agreement. He desires a government strong enough to protect America, even from itself, so leftism fails.

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Citizen Reporter

A reader posted this on one of the many shares of this article. We thought you might want to see it and the author’s response:

Richard Hinz- Mike Smith is a Millennial ? Resident in Camarillo? Republican. …Cool…maybe he can explain what his Solutions are vs Evaluation of Trumps Current Policy or How the Left responds to it….

Mike Smith: The question is not what one citizen’s solutions are, but what the Founding Fathers directed we do in their honor. They can’t be here today: what will >we< do? Hopefully, ending majority secularism and immorality. Neither morality nor religion define our society anymore. Once America reclaims Judeo-Christian values, prosperity will return. Most folks will self-govern, not try to derive wisdom from their peers. And they'll gauge the Left's reactions to remove tyranny from our midst, as George Washington and John Adams did.