Lamentations from an “Almost” Delegate | This State Party is Circling the Political Drain



By Debra Tash

This weekend the California GOP will elect a new chair. If the 900 or so delegates pass over Stephen Frank and elect either Travis Allen or Jessica Patterson, the Party will no longer be circling the drain, it will be sucked down the pipe and flushed into the sea, new chair and all.

Yes, it is difficult being jilted. This happened to me when I was rejected at the altar as I tried to be appointed a delegate for the Republican convention in Sacramento this weekend. My crime  was not supporting the favored candidate by the party power brokers. While my removal as a delegate goes against all Republican principals of fair play, there is nothing I can do about it. Even though delegates are individually free to choose the next Chairman or Chairwomen to the convention, I was blackballed because of my support for my friend Stephen Frank from Simi Valley.  My reasons for favoring Steve, who is editor of the California Political News and Views along with giving speeches to Republican audiences around the state, are many. 

For me coming to this conclusion is the result of a journey that has occupied virtually all of my adult life..

Born to New Deal Democrat (Depression era, World 2 vet, homemaker, the whole apple pie gambit) parents, I was always conservative, much like they were, Americans who may differ in views but in the end love this country.  When I came of age I registered as a Republican, a party that held family values and country first, at least, back then. It was the party of Lincoln that pushed through civil rights in the 1960’s and cherished individual freedom.  Now it’s hard to believe the “Big Tent” California GOP could ever support another Reagan, a man who was elected governor and later propelled into the White House on a conservative platform.

After being a Republican for years I switched to Decline to State after witnessing a GOP determined to lose elections. And with this last one in 2018, prospects for the Grand Old Party are positively dismal, at least, in California. Yet, still hoping that maybe there was a last straw in that bale of hay, I rejoined the party and canvased to be a delegate in the upcoming state party convention. I supported one candidate of the three running after, Big Tent politico David Hadley, withdrew.  The first of the remaining trio is Travis Allen, a financial planner, who served in the Assembly and at first championed the failed Prop 6 gas tax repeal. He dropped that effort when he started his run for governor, and lost that, too. He’s not a finisher, but a climber  And, of course, there’s Jessica Patterson, a local from Simi Valley who is presently CEO of California Trailblazers.   She was a paid staffer serving as a field director for Meg Whitman, another failed candidate.

That left me with one hope, a man who I have gotten to know over the years, Stephen Frank. True, Steve is a political consultant, but more along the lines of where the party had been in Reagan’s day. He is a grassroots organizer and knows the local political landscape as well as what needs to be fixed in a system that has been mangled by big money donors and RINO’s like Kevin McCarthy, whose kisser is proudly displayed on the California Trailblazers website.

I canvased to be a delegate to the February 24th Sacramento GOP convention with the sole intent on voting for Mr. Frank. So I contacted a candidate I supported in the last election.  Though that person didn’t make the cut, they were still entitled to appoint a number of delegates. When I called the candidate they were all on board for Steve. Then the winds shifted a few weeks later, and something about them didn’t smell right. The person who agreed to appoint me, wanted me to switch sides and support Jessica Patterson. And lo and behold, that failed 2018 candidate was now running in 2020. If I didn’t support Patterson, the Queen of RINO’s, then I need not apply. It’s absolutely incredible and unethical for anyone appointing a delegate to make ANY demands regarding whom that delegate should support.

I can’t say what happened to my erstwhile benefactor, but someone is moving the chess pieces around and it isn’t for the good of the party or the people of this state. Stephen Frank, who is seasoned and who does understand how to get things done, has a chance to right this ship before it sinks.  With what we have now, the top two, jungle primaries, ballot harvesting, DMV registration of voters without proof of citizenship, to being unable to write in a candidate in the general elections, the GOP is toast. And when the party might have one slim chance of making a comeback, some among the “players” insist on hitting the iceberg again. The Titanic has nothing on the California GOP. So I jumped into a lifeboat while they stayed on board listening to the band play “Nearer My God to thee.”

All I can say to the delegates who will be in Sacramento this weekend, vote for Stephen Frank because if he does not win, you will want to join me in the lifeboat before you too sink with the ship.

Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis.

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Mark savalla

Seems like some kind of organized communism has infiltrated the party.

William Hicks

Just figure that those in charge of the California republican leadership is on a suicide mission.