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    Larry Elder Wins Lawsuit Against California Secretary Of State!

    Los Angeles, CA – July 21, 2021 – Larry Elder, nationally syndicated radio host and newspaper columnist, bestselling author, award-winning documentary filmmaker, and candidate for governor of California has won his lawsuit against California Secretary of State Shirley N. Weber. The Superior Court of California held this afternoon that Secretary Weber will list Elder as a candidate for governor in the special California recall election scheduled for September 14, 2021.

    The court’s ruling reverses the secretary’s decision to disqualify Elder as a candidate for alleged redaction issues with the income tax returns filed with his candidacy application. According to the court, the law by which the Secretary of State required candidates to submit tax returns for the upcoming election applies to direct primary elections, not recall elections. Hence, Elder did not have to file tax returns at all to qualify as a candidate.

    “I want to express my deepest gratitude to the Superior Court of California, our friends, volunteers, supporters, and the people of California,” said Elder. “We fought the shenanigans of Sacramento’s politicians and we won. If elected governor, I will fight every single day for this state. This is just the beginning.”


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    1 year ago

    I’m glad to see that Larry Elder won his case and is on the ballot for special recall election for CA governor, I think he will win the recall election. We just have to make sure the election is free and fair & we have to be on the lookout and watch the election workers like a hawk cause the democrats might pull something at the voting polls at the election & try to steal the election from the voters here in California. We must have election integrity for every election, we can’t have people committing massive voter fraud in order to get their way, it’s not gonna work like that anymore. Californians have had it with the globalists who are no longer democrats they’re commies bought off by the CCP Red China. We Californians must secure the election system in the Golden State

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