Las Posas Valley-Somis Area water system to be upgraded

By Debra Tash

Venutra County Waterworks District 19 was awarded a five million dollar, low interest loan from the U.S. Agricultural Department (USDA) to improve water quality and upgrade its delivery to its 1900 customers.

The system, once held privately, is over 80 years old.  Its cast iron pipes are deteriorating making breaks and poor quality water a problem for the District. Residents in the Los Posas Valley are already seeing the benefits of the project, the resurfacing of the alleyways behind the Somis Post Office.  It has been a bone of contention for years in the community whether property owners backing up to the alleys or the County of Ventura were responsible for repairing the damaged asphalt.  With the water pipe upgrade the alleys are finally under repair.

The County road pipe replacement project has been out for bid and will cost close to two million dollars to complete. The remainder of the funds will be used on other system improvements.

Customers have complained of high concentrations of iron in their water.  A portion of the USDA loan will be used to build a treatment facility at the District’s Well 2 to treat the water for manganese and iron at the wellhead.   Pipes will also be replaced along Highway 118/Los Angeles Ave.

For the complete specs/maps/cost information:


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis

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