Leftist Streamer Hasan Piker: “America deserved 9/11” — Media: Silent



By Mike Smith

The aptly named Hasan Piker —in a rare moment of Left-wing clarity— waxed totalitarian on Wednesday (Warning: original footage unedited):

“America deserved 9/11, dude, f— it! I’m saying it!”

Yet no large media outlet covered this. Not even Fox News could be bothered to report Hasan Piker’s bigotry to the nation.

And that’s the biggest outrage.

Where are we, when someone with real social media influence can say something so grotesquely false — and face no real media scrutiny?

This guy openly declared the freest, most freedom-granting country ever, deserved being attacked on September 11, 2001.

Remember the early times of post-9/11 America? Would the media have let such an open statement hide from public knowledge back then? Was it even possible?

Remember, at issue here is virtual media silence over a Taliban talking point candidly parroted in America — not Afghanistan.

Perhaps we can call this incident the Piker Test.

We can now Piker Test the brave new world the Democrat Media Complex has made for us — by the DMC’s failure to report what would have been too much to media-ignore a generation ago.

And yet there’s more:

This is the Hasan Piker of The Young Turks: the Marxist social media outlet which birthed the socialist Justice Democrats and Wolf-PAC — which birthed ‘The Squad’ (radical Congress representatives Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Ayanna Presley).

Hasan Piker just dog-whistled Islamic Jihadists and Marxist revolutionaries — including those who covertly support the same ‘Squad’ brought about by two front groups for Communism, both of which were birthed by the same media outlet Piker contributes to.

And the Democrat Media Complex —of which Hasan Piker is a part— says nothing.

Who knew!


Mike Smith is a roving patriot, committed to keeping the weird honest and the traditionalist genuine — wherever he finds them.

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