Legislative Democrats Delayed Proposals to Divert Tax Monies Away from Roads Following Public Criticism

By Senator Jim Nielsen  

Without giving a reason, the majority led budget committee postponed a diversion proposal on Thursday’s agenda to spend a part of the state’s massive $52 billion car and gas tax for restroom repairs at state parks, the purchase of land for animal travel and grants to encourage people to visit parks.

The Governor has not signed the car and gas tax.

Please click here to view the entire story by KCRA’s Mike Luery. Below is an excerpt:

California’s crumbling roads are supposed to get billions of dollars in repairs under Senate Bill 1. It raises taxes by 12 cents a gallon for gasoline and 20 cents a gallon more for diesel in order to fund road and bridge repairs across the state.

Gov. Jerry Brown, who pushed for the bill to pass the Legislature two weeks ago, hasn’t even signed the $52 billion road repair bill.

The bill was controversial before it passed. But, new discussions beginning in the Senate are raising concerns as some lawmakers look to allocate $15 million to non-transportation projects:

  • $5 million for restroom repairs at state parks
  • $5 million to improve access for communities without parks
  • $5 million to acquire property for wildlife

State Sen. Jim Nielsen, R-Gerber, said he is dismayed by the proposal.

“It is absolutely a diversion of funds,” Nielsen said. “And, it’s a continued breach of trust of the Legislature to the citizens, who thought this money was going to go for all transportation.”

But Thursday at the Capitol, senate Democrats unexpectedly pulled the $15 million park spending measure.


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Senator Jim Nielsen (R-Tehama), Republican Caucus Chairman, issued the following statement:

“There is no sunset to this massive $52 billion tax.

“Our highways, roads and bridges are in ‘third world’ condition. Transportation, however, has not been a priority for Sacramento Democrats.

“This massive tax will not only impact Californians at the gas pump; it will result in higher costs for food, clothes and other goods.

“This will affect the working poor and middle class Californians like Miranda Thomas, a single mom on a fixed income with a young child who needs to see a pediatrician often. She wrote to me and said, ‘Being poor shouldn’t force us off the road.’


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