Let’s go to the fair! Fair information a click away, parade time and traffic advisories–all here!

Photo Credit: Christina Stewart

Photo Credit: Christina Stewart

A Little History

This is the 139th Ventura County Fair, themed “A Country Fair with Ocean Air”.

Held every year in August the very first Ventura County Fair was in 1874. It wasn’t always at the Ventura County Fairgrounds.  It used to be over at Pierpont Bluffs.  Instead of August fairgoers would look forward to the festivities in October and horse racing was the main attraction, not the bands, rides or fried food.   In the 1970’s they considered moving the fair to Camarillo but that never came to pass.

The fair attracts more than 300,000 visitors each year.  Will we see you at the fair?


Parade Fruit Truck from Ventura Fair

Parade Fruit Truck from Ventura Fair

2014 Ventura County Fair Parade 

August 02, 2014
10 W. Harbor Blvd., Waterfront
Contact: Ventura County Fairgrounds
Phone: 805-648-3376, 805-648-2075

This annual parade brings the Ventura County community out in celebration. Local auto associations, marching bands, city councils, charity organizations, businesses and community groups complete the lineup of this wonderful parade.  School bands, antique cars.  
Photo Credit: Christina Stewart

Photo Credit: Christina Stewart

Look up all the doings!
The Ventura County Fair parade celebrates county agriculture by featuring local agricultural businesses and organizations.- See what’s happening at: http://www.venturacountyfair.org/fair/
Can’t you just taste all those fried goodies?



Traffic Advisory:

Fair Shuttle Information: http://helloengage.com/client/vcfair/fair/transportation/

The fair opens on Wednesday, July 30th and continue through Sunday, August 10th.  The Ventura Police Department Traffic Unit would like to remind motorists to be mindful of a few things while driving to the Fairgrounds to ensure a safe and enjoyable Fair experience. 

The Fairground parking lot is subject to closure at any time due to maximum vehicle capacity. These closures are not uncommon and multiple closures may occur on a daily basis.  When these closures occur, traffic will be monitored and diverted by police personnel by way of hand control and traffic barricades.  As a result of the diversions, traffic congestion can become heavy with extremely long delays.  It is imperative that motorists obey all traffic control signs, detours, and diversions to ensure the safety of everyone.  Any motorist that drives around or through barricades or disregards the directions of police personnel will be subjected to being cited as a zero-tolerance stance will be taken.

The Ventura Police Department Traffic Unit strongly encourages fairgoers to utilize the shuttle bus service.  Fairground parking accommodates fewer than 2000 vehicles and the charge is $10.00 per vehicle. However, free shuttle service is provided daily during the Fair from 10:30am until 11:00pm from six off-site parking locations; Ventura County Government Center, Ventura High School, Harbor Blvd, Pacific View Mall, Ventura Unified School District Headquarters at 155 W. Stanley Ave., and the Oxnard Performing Arts Center.  In addition to the service being free of charge, an additional benefit is the drop off point and return pick-up points being in close proximity to the front entrance gates. The 220px-Ventura_County_Fairshuttle buses are also capable of accommodating wheelchairs and strollers.

In addition to the shuttle parking, there is paid parking available at the State Beaches Lot.

In addition to heavy vehicular traffic, there is a significant amount of pedestrian traffic in the areas surrounding the Fairgrounds.  The Ventura Police Traffic Unit would like to remind motorists to be cognizant of pedestrians crossing the roadways and to yield to their right-of-way.

On the 2013 Fair: https://citizensjournal.us/2013-ventura-county-fair-retrospective/


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