Let’s stop the SB-1 nightmare “Sustainable Communities” bill

By Debra Tash

Mass Produced Community

If there’s a bad idea that comes out of our California legislature better than even money, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has authored it.  Sustainable Communities Investment Authority, Senate Bill 1:

“Sustainable Communities Investment Authority”

It was co-authored by Steinberg and Senator Mark DeSaulnier.  Just when you thought Governor Brown buried the Redevelopment Agencies this dynamic duo is attempting to resurrect them.

It’s all about “social equity,” or come on, let’s be fair.  Steinberg wants to create sustainable, high-density housing and public transit in small pockets within urban cores.  Walkable communities will be built where bicyclists can travel unimpeded by nasty privately owned automobiles.  The State will be granted the authority to “blight” an area and then divert tax dollars once more from our local schools to redevelop it using public-private partnerships.

The environment is, of course, the excuse for herding us commoners away from our single family homes and open space.  The proof that this kind of urban sardine-hood helps improve air quality and lessen oil consumption is lacking.  In fact, high-density housing/apartments have a larger carbon footprint than anyone’s picket-fenced dream home. 

Keep in mind that Steinberg also authored SB375 which brought us Plan Bay Area and the other regional plans.  He also gets big time campaign contributions for stack and pack developers and financiers who underwrite their projects.  “Crony capitalism?”

Governor Brown vetoed the bill once already, and fortunately during the last session it failed to escape the legislature.   Brown does not want to divert taxes away from public services.  But Steinberg seems to be a true believer in, if at first you don’t succeed, let’s try to stiff the Californian taxpayer one more time.  He claims in the bill’s analysis that money will be left over when all of the redevelopment properties are sold off and funds given back to the schools. Perhaps he believes he’ll find that money under some oversized couch cushions. 

To stop the madness, please download and collect signatures on the petitions (below)

Let’s stomp out insanity before they lock us all away for the greater good.

Download, print, get signatures: SB1_-_Declaration_Citizens_version

For CA elected officials: SB1_Declaration_for_elected_officials

Return petitions for arrival by 12/16 to:

Heather Gass
PO Box 679
Alamo, CA  94507


Just to help motivate you, we lifted this right out of the bill text:


SB 1, as amended, Steinberg. Sustainable Communities Investment Authority.
The Community Redevelopment Law authorizes the establishment of redevelopment agencies in communities to address the effects of blight, as defined. Existing law dissolved redevelopment agencies and community development agencies, as of February 1, 2012, and provides for the designation of successor agencies.
Existing law provides for various economic development programs that foster community sustainability and community and economic development initiatives throughout the state.
This bill would authorize certain public entities of a Sustainable Communities Investment Area, as described, to form a Sustainable Communities Investment Authority (authority) to carry out the Community Redevelopment Law in a specified manner. The bill would require the authority to adopt a Sustainable Communities Investment Plan for a Sustainable Communities Investment Area and authorize the authority to include in that plan a provision for the receipt of tax increment funds provided that certain economic development and planning requirements are met. The bill would authorize the legislative body of a city or county forming an authority to dedicate any portion of its net available revenue, as defined, to the authority through its Sustainable Communities Investment Plan. The bill would require the authority to contract for an independent financial and performance audit every 5 years.
The bill would establish prequalification requirements for entities that will receive more than $1,000,000 from the Sustainable Communities Investment Authority and would require the Department of Industrial Relations to monitor and enforce compliance with prevailing wage requirements for specified projects within a Sustainable Communities Investment Area. The bill would deposit moneys received by the department from developer charges related to the costs of monitoring and enforcement in the State Public Works Enforcement Fund. By depositing a new source of revenue in the State Public Works Enforcement Fund, a continuously appropriated special fund, the bill would make an appropriation.


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of Citizensjournal.us, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, living in Somis

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Stefan Djordjevic
7 years ago

Let in 20 million desperados, then find new and interesting ways to stack and pack them with someone else’s money. Awesome urban planning.

7 years ago

Steinberg is a total scumbag. He’s also my local representative and will soon be “termed out” (not able to run again) and we can be thankful for that. Unfortunately, he has aims for a higher office (since he can’t possibly get a non-government job).
He’s also the scumbag who proposed LOTS of anti-gun laws.
So far, they can’t force people to move to places that he wants built. In Sacramento, they’ve done it and there seem to be lots of yuppies who love to live downtown to socialize at the night life there. It’s when they start to force people that we have to worry about it.

Greg Muller
Greg Muller
7 years ago

This codifies financial support for the whole “sustainable” agenda. a billion dollars worth, paid for by …. YOU.

Heather Gass is a dedicated activist, who intends to take these petitions directly to the Capitol and present them to our legislators.