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    LETTER: Proclamation to CA GOP

    Letter to the Editor

    By Thomas Cole

    Proclamation to CAGOP
    My belief it’s high time…
    1) Our local GOP must endorse our president Donald John Trump, Or get the hell out of our way. Now.
    2) This is a call for current leaders to Relinquish power, appoint and anoint  more energetic and more dedicated, stronger and more cogent patriots to our SBGOP, and CAGOP.
    3) And that our current leaders may assume their more natural position as elders, advisors and deal makers. A more useful and profitable occupation for their skills.
    4) And Let their wisdom be to our benefit, as advisors, counselors and seers. As opposed to the current undermining, backstabbing turf protection mode we are engaged in.
    5) And Let our outdated, lost GOP elders know that joining with the perverted left is a wrong move, a bad strategy. Times have overtaken us all. Reagan’s revolution strategy is too weak to fight todays battles. We are fighting the new lefts intellectual tanks and missiles with doilies and luncheons.
    6) It’s time for current GOP leadership to take a step back, contemplate our real situation in the USA and CA, and to observe all this and advise us.
    7) And let others of a different metal take the lead. Tc

    [email protected] Thomas Cole JD

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