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    America on the Precipice Documentary

    Liberal Hypocrisy Is Fueling American Inequality. Here’s How.

    Greg Albaugh- Citizens Journal

    There are 18 states where Democrats have total control of government and policy.These states also have some of the biggest disparities in opportunity and resources which make life harder for lower income families.

    This video discusses the Democratic party platform of 2020 and reviews 3 topics: housing, taxation, and education. All 3 of these topics were heavily cited in the platform as important topics of the Democratic party.

    California was cited as the most inhospitable state for housing. Median home prices are prohibitive for many families while the rich liberals, particularly good at showing up to protests silently profess “not in my neighborhood”.

    Washington state was evaluated on its taxation practices. The progressive taxation policy of the state actually benefits the super-rich residents including Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates while lower income residents pay a larger share of their income in taxes.

    Illinois and Connecticut’s education systems allocate property tax revenue to local schools within the zip code. More affluent neighborhoods pay property taxes on more expensive houses and that money goes to fund nicer schools with more services. Poorer neighborhoods have less tax income which then results in poorer quality of education. Therefore, those who have the greater need, get the least.

    Binyamin Appelbaum and Johnny Harris Discuss the hypocrisy of Democratic politicians who have total control over blue states in this NYT Opinion video.

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