Liberty’s Direction: Exit Stage Right

by Phil Erwin

In a recent article on, Canadian writer Ann Voskamp expressed the view that America is great, Americans are great, and the whole world wants to thank America for being so great.

The “whole world” was more like a few dozen Canadians on social media.

But this “movement” of well-wishers praised Americans for giving the world things like the light bulb, airplanes, Google and Facebook, delivery pizza – things that came about precisely because our Capitalist system paves the way for individual creativity to prosper financially. The grand irony is that, to Canadians and the rest of the world’s Liberal crowd, Capitalism is a four-letter word. Were Liberals to have their way, Socialism would blanket American ingenuity under a cloud of bureaucratic gloom (Can you say, “Un-affordable Care Act”?).

Nevertheless, playing off this unsolicited glad-handing by our northern neighbors, Hillary made this odd, hubristic assertion: “The world loves America because America is Good!”

I doubt Bernie’s millions would wholeheartedly agree. My own reaction is this: “The world used to appreciate America, because America used to be a force for Good. Now we’re just a banana republic, with too much debt and too weak and corrupt a government to do much good, even for ourselves.”

The difference between those two sentiments points precisely to the difference between voting for Hillary and voting for Trump. So it would be valuable to know whether America is still a force for Good in the world, or whether in fact it has so deteriorated in the last few years that it no longer fulfills that role.

Let’s take inventory, shall we?

  1. Our national debt has more than doubled in seven-plus years, from a startlingly-high Nine Trillion dollars to an astronomical Twenty Trillion. Stagflation far worse than what drove Jimmy Carter from office seems inevitable; it barely matters who wins the White House, unless the Fed can be directed to never raise interest rates, ever again.
  2. Our national economy has been so moribund for so long, there is a whole generation of young graduates who have no idea what a vibrant job market actually feels like.
  3. Our national medical system, the envy of the world just a decade ago, is now in a downhill slide. Both the “insurance” (a disguised tax) and real costs are racing toward unaffordable, and the number of health-care providers is on the decline. Rather than fixing the disastrous VA healthcare system, we’re modeling the civilian system on it, and everybody else will soon be facing the same lines, bureaucracies and deadly slip-ups. (At least, the Canadians will no longer feel compelled to fly South for their medical procedures – ours won’t be any better than theirs.)
  4. Our influence in the mid-East has gone from “We Speak, Everybody Listens” to Russia and Iran calling the shots, with Turkey chiming in. Nobody cares what we have to say anymore, and the Sunni Arab states are likely arguing about Who’s gonna pay for our own nukes? and Where should we set ’em up? Because they know that Iran’s building ’em.
  5. Our military, for decades the premier force on the planet, now can field only a fraction of its aircraft and ships due to their unmaintained state. We used to plan for fighting two regional wars simultaneously; now it’s not clear we could handle an invasion on our own shores.
  6. After nearly fifty years spent moving the country away from entrenched racist attitudes and practices, we now find ourselves re-living the kinds of racially-incendiary violence in our inner cities that we haven’t seen since the ‘Seventies.
  7. Our national Media no longer champions Truth; rather, its participants see themselves as Warriors For Hillary, determined to do their part to make sure that no Conservative meanie ever again has the ability to set the national agenda.
  8. Our legal system, designed to be “blind” to any and all biases, was once the standard by which all other nations could be found wanting. Now our once-vaunted FBI, our Justice Department, and other agencies (IRS, EPA,…) are corrupt agents of an out-of-control Executive, abandoning the principles of Fairness, Justice and Citizen-Sovereignty. And if Hillary wins, the Supreme Court will become a rubber-stamp for every Liberal attitude intended to re-engineer American society into a mirror of Europe.

Lady Liberty has packed her bags, and is about to flee the American landscape. Forever.

A vote for Hillary is a vote for someone who can’t, or won’t, see the harm Obama’s Administration has done to the country, and in the world; someone who isn’t prepared to admit it, and isn’t capable of changing it. Someone who will only and inevitably make it worse.

A vote for Trump is a fingers-and-toes-crossed Hail-Mary plea to the Fates that he can actually do some of the things he’s said he will do, and thereby at least slow the national decline that the Democrats have willfully, blindly, stupidly, inexorably steered us into.

I don’t know how much good a President Trump could actually manage to do.

But I am quite clear on just how much more damage this President Clinton would do.

So if November 9th brings the announcement of another term of Liberal insanity on the menu, you might as well just pick up stakes and move to Canada. They already have the whole Socialist thing all worked out.

And they still like us.

And they won’t be charging you taxes for your part of the $Twenty Trillion.

Just don’t expect to find Lady Liberty lounging around up there. Canadians can get thrown in jail just for thinking about bad-mouthing the government. Or anybody else.


savvy street

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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William "Bill" Hicks

Sad and true.