Limoneira/Lewis Present Park Options for East Area 1

By Sheryl Hamlin


Now called “The Harvest”, the project formerly known as “East Area 1”, contains five parks in the Development Agreement (DA) between Limoneira and Santa Paula. The agreement was signed on March 17, 2008 by then Mayor Robert Gonzales and is known as “City Council Ordinance 1191”. Download agreement in its entirety here.

The DA contains two community parks and three neighborhood parks: Santa Paula Creek Sports Park, Central Park, Santa Paula Creek Neighborhood Park, Foothill Neighborhood Park and Haun Creek Neighborhood Park.


Santa Paula Creek Sports Park is due to be constructed at the the 500th Certificate of Occupancy. It will contain 35 acres and cost $5 million per the DA. 23 of the 35 acres must be improved. The Santa Paula Creek Sports Park may be shared by the Santa Paula Unified School District, but the city is responsible for maintenance. Limoneira/Lewis provided a chart of maintenance for the four options on which citizens were asked to vote.

Traffic Mitigaion Street Changes

Three traffic mitigation measures must also be completed for this park to proceed: 1) widen and reconfigure 126/Hallock, 2) add traffic signal and reconfigure 12th and Santa Paula Streets, 3) reconfigure and widen Ojai Road/10th/Santa Paula Street. Schematics for these traffic mitigation projects should be provided.

Maintenance Costs

Limoneira/Lewis provided maintenance costs for each park configuration option. This is important because the city is required to maintain the park after it is completed. The annual maintenance costs per option are as follows: Option 1 ($620,192.40), Option 2 ($676,615.49), Option 3 ($657,807.79), and Option 4 ($998,296.28). The cost of the last option includes $300,000 staffing for the Aquatics Center.  The Council will need to consider options for the addition of such a cost to the budget.

Citizen Commentary

Mary Ann Krause, former Mayor and Council member, pointed out that there may be a noise issue for the neighboring residences with the addition of a music amphitheatre, an option suggested by many citizens. Marshall Roath, former Palm Springs Planning Commissioner and Sausalito Community Appearance Advisory Board member, said it was obvious that parking was an unplanned afterthought. Note that each of the four options shown below contains two small parking lots of about 50 cars each. Roath said that a complete planning exercise would analyze the needs of each activity in the plan and show how this could be achieved without overloading the residential areas.  One resident suggested that the plan consider alternative modes of transportation between the existing city and The Harvest.

Deliverable Date

It has been stated at council meetings and reiterated at the Thursday, September 15, 2016 presentation that the year 2017 will be spent on infrastructure, which means that housing development could start in 2018. According to Redfin, a real estate site, 193 units of type house, condo and townhouse sold in the last 12 months for the 93060 zip code. The question as to when The Harvest reaches the 500th Certificate of Occupancy is a function of sales in 93060 and in Ventura County, as well as the state of the economy. Will The Harvest draw from existing homeowners or from elsewhere?

Schematics of Four Options

Images of the four options are shown next. Note variations on a theme. The developer has iterated through various the options as follows: Option 1 (Primarily Soccer), Option 2 (Primarily Baseball/Softball), Option 3 Combination Soccer/Football & Ball Fields, Option 4 Aquatic Facility.

Option 1


Option 2


Option 3


Option 4


Pictures and site plans provided by Limoneira/Lewis.

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Alex McCarty

The pictures above are only concepts. The meetings were set up to gather public input from residents. These pictures were developed to give the public a visual idea of how much space each amenity will take. Not only will there be additional parking onsite, but there will be plenty of restrooms in the final plans. Questionnaires and drop boxes are located at City Hall, the Community Center, and the Blanchard Library until Oct. 10. Please make you voice heard.

Jan Allen

Option 2 is out… no soccer fields at all. Take Option 4, remove at least one soccer field by the pool, and put parking there.



Marshall Roath

Pretty pictures but not planning. Where is the program outlining the requirements? You have to know the program before you can make pretty pictures. There should have been citizens meetings to gather public input before writing the program.