Little Man Flake



By Mike Smith

High on his moralist perch, Senator Jeff Flake feels he is superior to all other Republicans. When not embarrassing conservative voters, he is enraging them — or both.

This week it’s both. Little Man Flake’s sedition habit appears to have no ‘off switch’.

Somehow, the fleeting GOP House actually voted to permit border wall funding.  But Sen. Flake has voted ‘no’ on authorizing it. All Flake needs is one more GOP Senate ‘no’ vote and/or bad GOP attendance, and any Congressional pathway to a southern border wall will vanish.

Why are Congressional Republicans not publicly shaming Sen. Flake like Sen. Chuck Schumer is shaming half of America?

Do they really believe Sen. Flake can hear the sound of the President’s angry voice over his own?

In certain areas, Sen. Flake would have to be read the Riot Act upon returning from D.C. But his home is selfish-cultured Arizona — there will be no outrage to greet him. Little Man Flake is imperiling America thanks to foolish Arizonans like him.

Think about it: the best Senate Republican Arizona could elect was the late Sen. John McCain, and Arizonans kept re-electing him. Of course, those are just the Arizona Republicans who vote. The despotic Senator-elect Kyrsten Sinema will soon outdo both Flake and McCain thanks to Arizona’s non-voting Republicans.

Good job, Arizona.

There’s no doubt Sen. Jeff Flake feels he’s in the right. But that the key — he feels he’s in the right. Not doing right, but feeling right: this is why Little Man Flake is little.

To be on the Right, you have to act rightly. That’s the deal. ‘Republican’ is not enough.

Sen. Flake has to take the last evil pot-shot, just like McCain did before him. At this time, if the United States never barricades its southern border, we’ll have Flake to thank. Flake will be to American sovereignty what McCain was to free-market healthcare.

Little Man Flake wants history to remember him as a hero. So did McCain. Neither will happen — despite McCain’s true Vietnam valor circa 1967-73.

John Wilkes Booth was a famous actor in his time.

Is Booth remembered today as a famous actor?

Now apply that to Senator Jeff Flake.

Mike Smith is a longtime Ventura County resident who identifies as a Red State male in a Blue State body politic.

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c e voigtsberger

From folks who were stationed with him while he was flying, all reports are that McCain was a royal PITA. His father was CinCPacFleet and McCain rode that for all it was worth. Both his grandfather and his father were notorious booze hounds even when the Navy looked with favor on two fisted drinkers. Apparently McCan #3 somehow managed to avoid that label.

His political career should have ended with the Keating savings and loan scandal but somehow he managed to skate through that. Talk about being teflon!

I think Flake’s last name says it all. I don’t know how he got elected in Arizona. He is no more a Republican than I am an astronaut. He is the eponymous RINO.