Local Activist starts The Transparency Project – Demands answers from Public Agencies


By Jennifer Amodei

As many of us are battling the onslaught of new and sometimes dizzying and bazaar regulations, school curriculums, and mandates, I had a question.


So I set out to find out answers to questions I felt were clouded by an array of conflicting news media, I wanted to hear from the very people that were changing the rules on a daily basis and what supported their decisions. So I started the Transparency Project and rolled up my sleeves and sent out a barrage of Public Records Act requests to ask for the government to show what in fact sculpted their direction toward the general public.

I am looking for accountability so I am working with local newspapers to track the progress of these requests as I make my way through the complexity of this ever-changing world.

Questions like: What does the government have in the way of studies to support wearing a mask as a legitimate way to stop the spread of Covid 19 when the very box they are sold in has a warning right on the box that says THIS MASK DOES NOT STOP THE SPREAD OF COVID 19 or any other virus. And if it’s not to stop the spread what are they for? What studies support this mass psychosis being hoisted on the general public? 

As I read through the sometimes troubling and disturbing new curriculum that states all white people are inherently oppressors, I wondered what studies were conducted and what evidence supports such a finding that we would subject our children to this without proper studies? What long-term studies were conducted to not only prove this is true. And what could be the effects on our children and their self-esteem to be singling them out on them in the long run? 

Did the Constitution change in the last year if all men are created equal when did we find we had strong enough evidence to support that no longer was the case and that one race is oppressors and one is oppressed? 

What studies support children learning about alternative lifestyles as early as 5 years old? Or why should an 11-year old learn how to put a condom on a Styrofoam penis? Such a drastic approach to learning needs to be backed up by scientific studies to prove it is for the overall benefit of our children. 

So I asked.  I welcome you the general public to follow along as I get answers to some of the most pressing questions that appear to only be an attempt to alter the fabric of a country we love. 

Ms. Amodei is a local activist

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William Hicks

They better be careful. If Parents can be tagged as domestic terrorists for criticizing and demanding answers of board members, then attacking the credibility of voter results are up for grab.

Dotty Pringle

Can we all separate Politics, Religion and Science?

Can we teach Civics again so we can enlighten future Voters?

Michael A...

If you want to see the source of what sours life in California go to http://www.transparentcalifornia.com
Look up the amount of money that is paid in salaries and pensions. Sadly, the REAL abuse is for police and firefighters. The unions that represent those workers have the dominant political party in California by the short hairs and its up to you the tax payer to foot the bill.

Last edited 2 months ago by Michael A...

Thank you will look into it!

Mike Smith

“The unions that represent those workers have the dominant political party in California…”

The unions ARE the dominant political party in California.

Especially the teachers unions.

“One of the leading Democrats of the last half-century told me years ago that politicians in California are window dressing; the real power in California is wielded by unions.”

Sheryl Hamlin

Ask this smiling person…head Board of Education



Thank you this was helpful!

William Hicks

Be careful. If you question her you may be put on the domestic terrorists list.

Sheryl Hamlin
Caleb Standafer

Thanks for taking the initiative. We deserve answers from the government employees our taxes pay for. More transparency is needed.

George Pattone

Experts say…

No one knows who these unnamed “experts” are, but they sure get a crap ton of coverage….

Last edited 2 months ago by George Pattone