Local Author Releases Two New Books

cialis arial, recipe sans-serif;”>down.the.roadIt’s been a busy year for Oxnard author and freelance writer Tim Pompey. Within the space of a month, see he has released two new books—one a series of short stories titled “Primitive Terrain” and the other a full-length novel titled “Down the Road.”

“It just so happens that I had two projects going on at once,” said Pompey. “Writing is not always a linear process. In this case, that’s particularly true.”

Pompey, who has previously written eight other works of fiction, found two personal points of inspiration for these books.

primitive.terrainFor “Primitive Terrain,” he used remote locales: A wintery northern Minnesota, a futuristic Florida (in the year 2100), and Nevada in the middle of August. “The goal was to find areas that were challenging to survive in and explore my character’s responses,” he said. “They’re all very different places, and my characters range from a narcissistic college professor, to an elderly well-to-do couple, to a snarky 17-year-old teenager. It results, I hope, in some interesting fireworks.”

For his latest novel, “Down the Road,” Pompey drew on inspiration he gained from having lived in a foster care group home (1965-72) in east Tennessee. The question being: What happens when kids who grow up in a foster care environment have to step out on their own?

“In the case of Howie White,” Pompey stated, “he had grown up for fifteen years as a foster kid in a strict religious environment. What happens to him at age 18 when he steps past that boundary? That’s the theme of the book.”

It’s 1970 and just about anything goes. The war in Vietnam is raging. Rock and roll and blues are blossoming. Feminism, sexual freedom, and environmentalism are taking root. On the other hand, the civil rights movement has not quite penetrated the deep South. With all this going on, Howie hasn’t much of a clue how to survive in the real world. “It creates some pretty heavy turmoil in his life,” said Pompey, “as well as some humorous faux pas.”

Pompey has searched for years for some storytelling method to deal with issues related to foster care. “It’s difficult to explain to people the long-term impact of foster care on a child’s life, especially if you’ve grown up in a group home,” Pompey explained. “I searched for twenty years to find the right story. I think “Down the Road” turned out to be that vehicle.”
For information on Pompey’s new books, and to read more about his other books, visit his website at amazon.com/author/booksbytimpompey.

A book party celebrating the release of his new books will be hosted by Leslie Rinchen-Wongmo, a contemporary American textile artist, teacher, and caretaker of the sacred Tibetan textile tradition called thangka. The party will be on August 1, from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. upstairs at her studio Threads of Awakening 2810 South Harbor Boulevard, #201, at the Oxnard Harbor. The event is free and refreshments will be provided.


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