Local authorities unaware of plans to house illegal immigrants at Naval Base Ventura County

By George Miller

Sources claim that the Commander of Naval Base Ventura County did not inform City of Port Hueneme City Officials of plans to house hundreds of illegal immigrant children on base. This is being done by the U.S.  Dept of Health and Human Services.


Naval Base Ventura County temporary children’s housing site in Port Hueneme, CA. -USN photo

It is possible that the children will be sent to local schools and use local health care and other services, but we were unable to confirm that at time of  publication. It is unclear who will be paying for all of this and what the social consequences are in an already financially overstressed area.

According to two Port Hueneme City officials,  no one was aware of the housing initiative “until they read it in the newspapers like everyone else.” One official was told by a naval base spokesperson that the “city would not be impacted in any way,” which suggests that HHS will undertake efforts to deliver services to the children. The official invited Navy officials to come and make a presentation at the next city council meeting.

The Navy doesn’t seem to think this is news, or at least that it is their job to broadcast it. In their top stories section, there was no mention of it at press time: http://www.navy.mil/listStories.asp?x=4, http://www.navy.mil/listStories.asp?x=2, http://www.navy.mil/listStories.asp?x=21, http://www.navy.mil/listStories.asp?x=3.

However, a base media specialist, in response to our specific inquiry today,  told us that the anticipated housing duration was 120 days, that the project was in fact being run by HHS and that he did not know if local municipal services would be utilized.

Here also is an official USN statement:

NavalBaseVCNBVC to support Department of Health and Human Services mission

Port Hueneme, California – Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), at the request of the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and by direction of the Department of Defense (DoD), is coordinating the use of a temporary housing facility on the installation, located in Port Hueneme, California, for unaccompanied alien children who were stopped by U.S. Border Patrol and are now being cared for by HHS’ Administration for Children and Families (ACF).

The children will be under the supervision and care of ACF program grantees. Within HHS, ACF is responsible for providing care and shelter to children referred by immigration authorities.

The facility, renovated in 2007, is a former Navy Mobile Processing Site, previously used to house and process Reservists before and after deployments and has beds for approximately 570 individuals. Joint Base San Antonio-Lackland is fulfilling a similar request in Texas; children began to arrive there May 18.

Naval Base Ventura County hosts a variety of missions ranging from Seabee training and deployable units to aviation test and evaluation, unmanned systems, and premier research and development missions.


HHS logo We are still waiting a response to our inquiry to the U.S.  Dept of Health and Human Services, to a program which appears to beWhiteHouselogo


directly White House Driven.



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Will be looking for them.


George Miller….can you get the names of the congress people who visited the navy base friday?