Local Businesses Encouraged to be Environmentally Aware

Lost In Socks among honored businesses

By Lori Denman

The city turned green on the evening of the Ventura City Council meeting on September 17, as local environmentally conscious businesses were honored.

Special Presentations

The meeting that included all staff except for Mayor Andrews began by recognizing three local green businesses. The section of this City Council meeting was called “Green Business Recognition.” Deputy Mayor Matt LaVere honored Ventura Land Trust, Mile 26 Sports and Lost In Socks. These businesses achieved the city’s “green business certification.” The businesses are analyzed in numerous aspects of practice that show exemplary work in environmental conservation. Representatives of Lost In Socks accepted their plaque for achieving their green certification status and urged other businesses in Ventura to aim towards environmental awareness.

City Council Communications

Monahan said that he attended a great Kiwanis Club meeting which was held with Fire Departments and their recognition.

Weir pulled Item 8h to discuss. 8c has also been pulled. The following items were considered to be non-controversial and were acted upon by City Council at one time without discussion. Weir pulled Item 8h to discuss. 8c has also been pulled.

8b. Consideration of Resolution Re-Confirming the Existence of a Local Public Health Emergency. It was recommended that: “a resolutions of the City Council of San Buenaventura, re-confirming the existence of a local public health emergency.”

8d. Request for Authorization to Extend Outside Counsel Services for Pending Litigation. It was recommended that, “Authorize the City Attorney to enter into an extended legal services agreement with Downey Brand, LLP, in an amount not-to-exceed an additional $80,000 to continue representation of the City in a lawsuit filed by the Building Industry Legal Defense Foundation and the Building Industry Association of Southern California against the City of San Buenaventura. “

8e. Reserve for Uncollectible Receivables. It was recommended that, “Authorize the Interim Finance & Technology Director to approve the reclassification of certain Accounts Receivable amounts to the Reserve for Uncollectible Receivables account, in each fund on an annual basis, as required by Governmental Accounting Standards Board and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles reporting standards.

8f. First Amendment to Agreement between the City of Ventura and Park Consulting Group. “Approve and authorize the Mayor to sign the Amendment No. 1 to Professional Services Agreement No. 2018-001 with Park Consulting Group; increasing the agreement by $31,775 for enterprise project management services related to the General, Custodian, and Merchant Banking Services and Lockbox Project; not-to-exceed total $661,775.”

8g. Acceptance of Fiscal Year 2018-2019 DUI Enforcement and Awareness Program Grant. Staff: Ken Corney, Police Chief. It was recommended to:Accept a grant from the California Office of Traffic Safety for FY 2018-19 DUI Enforcement and Awareness Program in the amount of $200,000 for the Police Department, and authorize the City Manager or designee to execute the agreement.

8h. 3100 Preble Avenue Demolition Project; Award of Construction Contract. It was recommended to: approve the award of contract and authorize the Mayor to execute an agreement with the lowest responsive and responsible bidder, American Integrated Services, Inc., for the 3100 Preble Avenue Demolition Project, Specification No. 2018-022, in the amount of $194,501. It was also recommended to: authorize the encumbrance of contingency funds for the project in the amount of $19,000 for use by the Public Works Director during construction.

8i. Amendment to Increase Contract Amount with Environmental Science Associates for Conceptual Design and Technical Report of Treatment Wetlands. It was recommended to: approve and authorize the Mayor to execute the First Amendment to the Professional Services Agreement with Environmental Science Associates (Agreement No. 2017-119) for services associated with performing Conceptual Design and Technical Report of Treatment Wetlands; extending term through June 30, 2019; contract increased by $49,459 for a not-to- exceed amount to $352,589.

Weir pulled Item 8h, the old Harbor Church that is set to be demolished in order to build houses. The item was called, “3100 Preble Avenue Demolition Project, Award of Construction Contract.” Weir said that the costs seemed high at 194K. The building has asbestos, lead and other hazardous materials that attributes to the cost. Weir also asked about any other contamination, other than in the building. There will be analysis of that to assure no contamination and this demolish time will be when the nearby school is on break.

Formal Items

First discussed was formal item 12a. Information Technology Projects Update. There was a presentation about how information of government entities should be available and accessible to citizens online. This included updating the local census data for 2020. Additional information is also now available online in simple formats, so that people do not need to drop by and visit City Hall. Mobile devices will also have easier navigation. The goal is to place as much information online as possible. Weir said that City Council and the city has been waiting for this for a long time.

The next formal item discussed was: Groundwater Sustainability Agencies and Santa Paula Basin Technical Advisory Committee Update.” In June of this year the groundwater sustainability groups were formed through the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act. All other plans for the future were discussed. By 2020, it must be sustainable. The water balance must remain equal, meaning, the basins must be in balance. Various basins were discussed, their problems, recommendations and solutions that should be reached. Costs were also discussed.

Ventura Water Department Reorganization was then discussed as the next formal item. This topic was put through in the budget. Issues included: protecting existing water resources, expanding water supply portfolio, developing a strategic plan, increasing engagement with State and Federal agencies and elected official, improving customer service and more.

Following the formal items, there was City Council Communications. Weir spoke about CalRecycle and spoke about a grant for rubberized pavement made of recycled tires. She also mentioned a CalFire grant that assists with creating urban forests. The City of Ventura will be required to put in electric car charging stations and she mentioned a grant through Electrify America for doing these stations. She also spoke about SEQA and that cities will have to show that they have required water levels, so this will be something for the city to watch.

September is National Preparedness Month and it was stated that the community should prepare themselves for any kind of emergency. For assistance in this matter, visit the Citizens Journal  story on emergency preparedness.

Ventura City Council Agendas: https://www.cityofventura.ca.gov/AgendaCenter

Ventura City Council Agenda, Sept. 17:


Ventura City Council Video, Sept. 17:



Lori Denman has been a professional journalist since 1996. She has worked as associate editor for the Los Angeles Daily News TODAY Magazines and has freelanced for LA Weekly, Surfline.com and more. She is now the Ventura reporter for Citizens Journal.

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