Local Conservatives dispute Ventura City Council/VC Star opinions on gun control

By Bruce Boyer and Jeffrey Burum


To: Editor, Ventura Star          Letter to the editor 3-28-2018

I would like to respond to your article on the recent actions of the Ventura City Council to ‘pass resolutions” that violate our Second Amendment (2ndA) Rights. Those elected officials swore an oath; the same one I swore when I enlisted in the U.S. Army and to be a candidate for Ventura County Sheriff on June 5th. That Oath is to uphold and defend the Constitution, against ALL enemies, foreign and domestic. The Council’s ‘resolutions’ are calls to violate our rights. Our rights are not privileges, they are inalienable, they shall not be infringed upon.

 I shall not dissect their voluminous and vague pontifications beyond three points.

 #1 Vagueness is at the center of deception. Their vagueness declares their inherent dishonesty. A discussion of “Assault Rifles” is nonsense as fully automatic weapons were made illegal by the Federal Firearms act of 1934! They have not been for sale since! The last time a “machine-gun” (of home-brew mfg.) was used to shoot anyone in CA was by the bank robbers in the No. Hollywood shoot out, twenty years ago. They rename ‘rifles’; deceit. Function matters, not “names”

 #2 Their ‘opposition’ to Congress’s acting to uphold our right to ‘keep and bear arms”. That it will not be violated by the States (as CA so readily does). Congress is acting in passing HR 38 National Carry Reciprocity. It requires states to recognize the right of citizens from other states when they come to CA; Their right to carry a firearm as they are permitted to do in their State (they of course are not eligible to get a CA permit as they are not CA residents) just as we give the Constitutionally required “full faith and credit” in recognizing marriage or driver’s licenses, contracts and court orders. The Ventura City Council wants the State of CA to be able to abuse citizens of their Second Amendment Rights w/o Federal interference!

We CA residents we are denied our right to keep and bear arms. It is a criminal offense for us, the citizen, to possess any firearm anywhere in public, unless it’s locked in a case. The only exception is if a citizen is able to ‘persuade’ their local Sheriff (donating to their campaign is shown to work best) to grant them ‘special permission’ This CCW can be issued or denied for any or no reason and summarily revoked (as Sheriff Dean has done, if one is not of the right ‘political persuasion’). Fewer than 96,000 Californians have received this ‘special permission’. The Legislature is currently making even this unattainable; AB2103. There is effectively NO right to keep and bear arms in California. I call on our Federal Govt. to restore our Constitutional rights. I call on our Congress to act to protect our rights.

#3 The Ventura Council seeks to deny American citizens; our young men and women their entire 2ndA right. The Council wishes to make it a criminal offense for them to possess a firearm. Our young men and women are adults. They enlist in our armed forces and entrusted with operating all weapons, including nuclear ones. They are entrusted with the right to vote; to be elected to office; to sit as jurors; to sign contracts. Yet, the Council thinks that they are not to be trusted with their right to keep and bear arms? If the Council can deny rights; Then Freedom of Speech, Assembly, Religion; Right to an attorney; Trial by jury; We Americans have no rights, we are slaves.

I am calling upon citizens to attend the April 9th meeting and use our public comment to tell the Council that as Americans our rights are not subject to politicians or kings. I call on the citizens of Ventura and throw out these fascists. If you wait for them to come for the rest of our rights, it may be too late.

Our Ventura County 2nd A rally and confab will be held at the Crossroads of the West gun show in Ventura, April 28th & 29th.


Bruce Boyer Candidate for Ventura County Sheriff

Chatsworth Lake Manor; VC (805) 339-9202 [email protected]


Jeffrey D Burum, Candidate for Congress 26th District

Oxnard  [email protected]


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Mike Thomas

100% agree! I wish they would say what they really mean which I believe is the eventual disarming of citizens entirely. I will say I don’t mind the idea of a true study of gun violence. Of course, it would probably be biased heavily and therefore worse than no study at all. Based on what we think we know now, around 2/3 of gun deaths are suicides and half of the rest are black on black crime. By addressing those 2 subjects, we would be addressing 85% or so of all gun deaths in America. Why do so many people want to end their lives? Why is there chronic violent crime in African America? Why do children want to kill their peers? These are the real questions. All this talk of gun control is simply a diversion from the really complicated stuff. Perhaps we should consider controlling the size of forks to combat obesity next.