Location Data For First Responders

help arial, hospital sans-serif;”>How can first responders be sure they’ve taken care of everyone in the scene? And what if one of the injured, sildenafil unconscious behind the door at the end of the hall, has escaped them? Offsite Vision Holdings (OSVH), who specializes in real-time security and safety solutions, has come up with a way to allow first responders to scan the place completely without running all across the building, thus saving time, effort and human lives.

DHS delivers geospatial data as a service for first responders  https://gcn.com/

DHS delivers geospatial data as a service for first responders https://gcn.com/

Article courtesy : iHLSIsrael Homeland Security

The company has announced the launch of EmergenZ Evacuation, a new product that allows emergency responders and security personnel the ability to account for people during evacuation events by knowing who is left in the building and their location. This new product offers first responders access to location data in real-time 24/7 as well as a real-time repost about entrances and exists in the building. This way, search and rescue teams can quickly detect anyone in a certain facility and treat them accordingly.

This cost-effective solution is part of the EmergenZ real-time security and safety solutions product suite which provides the vital information that first stand emergency response teams and security personnel need to gain immediate and accurate data to identify, respond and mitigate the situation quickly and effectively. First responders are basically getting another important piece of the puzzle that improves their understanding of any emergency situation, as it helps them see what’s beyond sight.

“We are very excited to be launching EmergenZ Evacuation to help facilities throughout the world prepare for an emergency situation. Unfortunately, with the increase in workplace violence and active shooter incidents over the last few years, facilities need to be prepared now more than ever in the event of an emergency situation. The key to saving lives is being prepared,” states William Lenahan, OSVH’s CEO.


Article courtesy : iHLSIsrael Homeland Security

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