Long Beach Trump Office Reopens (Jan. 7) with Victory Celebration

By Michael Hernandez

Filipino Trump Victory Celebration Dancers

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Cambodian Blessing/Thanksgiving Dance

LONG BEACH—California’s only official Donald J. Trump office (at 2338 E. Anaheim St. in the Cambodian district) reopened Sat., Jan. 7th with a Victory Celebration attended by hundreds of Trump supporters in an event called “The Movement Continues to Make America Great Again…starting with California.”

“This is a celebration of President Trump’s historic victory,” said Rachel Gunther, LA County Trump Regional Chair.   “We didn’t win California but we won the election.   We made 1.5 million calls from this headquarters to battleground states.  We are beginning the Donald Trump re-election campaign for 2020.”

“We’ve got a lot of work to do locally for the homeless, to help secure jobs, and to deal with illegals,” said Gunther.   “We will Make California Great Again but we can’t do it alone.  We will be partnering with ‘We The People Arising’ and the Election Integrity Project.”


Rachel Gunther, LA County Trump Regional Chair

“Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, let’s get together.  We need to support President Trump,” said Gunther.  “Let’s support his initiatives, his policies, his agenda.”

“We are going to remake the Republican Party of California,” said James Shanbrom, Los Angeles County Trump Director of Events and program emcee.   “We are the party of Donald Trump. We must maintain discipline on social media.  We must maintain respect.”


John Goya, former LA GOP Treasurer.

“Good morning wonderful Deplorables, it is a pleasure to see all of you here,” said John Goya, former LA GOP Treasurer.  “We are under the Trump umbrella.  We’re going to find candidates who believe in a conservative California and a conservative America.

“We can’t afford having homeless children sleeping on the streets.  We can’t afford having American children living at poverty levels.  We can’t continue giving millions of dollars to criminal illegals.  We can’t tolerate this anymore.  We need to win the electoral votes of California for Donald Trump.”

“Honored guests we need to practice two words:  President Trump” said Mike Simpfenderfer, Republican National Convention delegate.  “Today, we begin helping our President govern.   We will work for Donald Trump.  He can’t do it alone.  He can’t drain the swamp by himself.  We’re going to “Make California Great Again.”  Individually we will accomplish nothing.  But together we will accomplish a lot.”

According to both Goya and Simpfenderfer, the Long Beach Trump office is organized into two entities:   “Make California Great Again” (a non-profit) and “California Great Again” (a political action group).  The website is: www.makecalifornigrearagain.net.

“To Make California Great Again,” we will launch a voter registration drive,” said Johnnie Morgan, Republican National Convention delegate and California Republican Assembly member.   “We made Donald Trump President.  We can make California go Red.”

“With our energy, with our momentum, with our inspiration, with our commitment, we can do this.  (Our efforts) will spread like wild fire,” said Morgan.  “This is a war, we can win battle by battle in our State.”

“We’ve just experienced the most unbelievable political event in our lifetime,” said Scott McAfee, of “Smack Talk” 590AM.  “In 2012, we thought we would win and we lost.  In 2016, we expected to lose, but we won.”  “Smack Talk” is about conservative comedy for everyone, but especially for millennials.  We already have a core group of 12-15 talented millennials and we will use comedy to tell the truth.  Every joke has a grain of truth.”

Scott McAfee (590 AM) "Smack Talk"

Scott McAfee (590 AM) “Smack Talk”

McAfree and Millennials for Trump from John Paul The Great University in Escondido will be filming the first of many 2-3 minutes video shorts on Jan. 9 (Monday) that they will post on YouTube and on a website under development.  For information or to support these efforts contact:  [email protected].

Nestor Mota: Unify California

Nestor Mota: Unify California

“We need change in California to bring down the political establishment,” said 22-year-old Nestor Mota.  “It is time that the failed political class comes down.  We’re going to elect a Republican Governor in 2018.   We’re going to bring back common sense.  The future is in our hands.  We will not let socialism invade our schools our country.  We are here to stop it.”

Robert Peete, an African-American and former Democrat shared “The Journey:  Reason for Change” with Victor Blanco, chair of the Viva Trump Unity Rally.  “We don’t need the broken promises of the Democratic Party,” said Peete.  “We need small business loans not Obama phones.  Our goal is to see California Red in four year.”   Blanco, a special education teacher said, “One of my students told me that I wanted to get a check like my auntie when I grow up.   This is a seventh grader who has it figured out that she can stay at home, have kids, and get a welfare check.”

A handout given to Trump supporters gathered at the Long Beach headquarters  stated that “Make California Great Again” was modeled after President Ronald Reagan’s “Citizens for America”  and that the Trump headquarters is “ready to Educate and Activate, Train and Deploy.   We are counting on YOU to stay mobilized to help “Make California Great Again!”


(Editor’s Note:  Mr. Hernandez is dedicating himself to advance the 13 spheres for Donald J. Trump; developing an interactive California citizens news platform as an alternative to mainstream media; while advancing the “We The People” Movement that has mobilized behind Donald J. Trump in Ventura County.)

Michael Hernandez, Co-Founder of the Citizens Journal—Ventura County’s online news service, founder of History Makers International, is a former Southern California daily newspaper journalist and religion and news editor. Mr. Hernandez can be contacted by email: [email protected] or by calling (818) 263-9881.

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William Hicks

This is truly a triumph for the American people and future legal immigrants. Consider the diversity that is represented here as an omen of good relations.

Citizen Reporter

Pro-Trump Californians hope his victory can fuel a GOP revival in the Golden State