Lottery Scam in Fillmore | Los Angeles suspect arrested for Elder Abuse

Ventura County Sheriff – Incident Press Release

A lottery scam investigation in Fillmore on Thursday, October 10th, led to the arrest of a Los Angeles man, Nelson Davila Cruz, 63 years old,  for felony conspiracy to commit a crime, obtaining money by false pretenses, elder abuse, and an out-of-county felony warrant.

On October 10th, at approximately 2:40 p.m., an elderly female entered Bank of the Sierra in the city of Fillmore and proceeded to withdraw a large sum of money from her account. Cruz entered the bank as the elderly female was conducting the transaction. Cruz appeared to have an unusual interest in the elderly female and her transaction which prompted bank employees to notify the Sheriff’s Office. Patrol deputies and detectives responded to the bank and Cruz was contacted scurrying out of the bank. Patrol deputies interviewed the elderly female who told

them she was contacted by two suspects, a male and female, asking for her help cashing a winning lottery ticket. They convinced the elderly female to obtain “good faith” money from her account that was needed to cash the winning ticket. The two suspects handed the elderly female one of their cellphones and a male on the other line impersonated himself as a lawyer corroborating what she had been told by the two suspects reference the winning lottery ticket.

Detectives determined Cruz was working in concert with the unidentified male and female suspects and he was booked at the Main Jail for PC 532(a) / Obtaining Money, Labor or Property by False Pretenses, PC 182(a)(1) / Conspiracy to Commit a Crime, and PC 368(b)(1) / Elder/Dependent Adult Abuse. During the booking process, it was discovered Cruz had an out- of-county felony warrant for PC 487(a) / Grand Theft by Embezzlement and was a suspect in Long Beach case for a lottery scam.

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