Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal ventures a topic few politicians will address – at the Reagan Library

jindal3By Debra Tash

February 13th 2014: Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal spoke at the Reagan Presidential Library on the: “Silent War on Religious Liberty.” Introduced by former California Pete Wilson, Mr. Jindal addressed 450 people in the Library’s Center for Public Affairs.  He stated the Founders understood that man is a created being and that the practice of  religion should be left to each individual.  Diversity of belief is one of the underpinnings of our nation.  Yet in today’s America government has decided our nation no longer needs a moral and religious people.  Jindal said: It has declared war on our best self. The vision of America today is that religion is a causal hobby.  This, the Governor said, “Is a threat to the very idea of America.”

He cited the Hobby Lobby case.  Jindal addressed the Obama administration’s assertion that because Hobby Lobby is a for-profit business, its founders/owners cannot use moral principles to guide them.  The administration’s position strikes at the free exercise of religion. That this trend is an assault on all forms of expression, and this assault is spreading.

Photographers and bakers are being sued because they are following their convictions when they refuse services involving same sex weddings/commitment ceremonies.  cake-topper He said the state of Illinois has taken this even further by enacting laws that places of worship can only deny holding such proceedings if they disallow anyone else from using their facilities.  They must remain open only to members, thus cutting off any avenue of exchange with those of different faiths.  Jindal said courts are now holding that: “Giving up religious rights becomes the price of citizenship.”  The first amendment only means the practice of our own religion and nothing else.

He asserts the answer to protecting our rights lies with the states.  A few states have already legislated: Religious Liberty Acts: their citizens’ beliefs cannot be infringed by the government.  The Governor gave the example of the pro-life pharmacist who passes on a prescription for abortifacients to someone whose religious beliefs would not be conflicted by providing the drugs.

He talked of the slippery slope of religious persecution and what is happening to Christians in the Middle East with the burning of churches and Christians finding themselves at the end of a gun.  For Jindal the things of the Spirit come first. The war on religion is a war on speech and freedom of conscience protects everyone. Speaking of diversity, Jindal’s parents are Hindu, but he converted to what he calls Evangelical Catholicism.

Jindal concluded with remarking on President Obama’s address at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 6th.  Obama asserted that the United States always stands on the side of personal liberty….  “And central to that dignity is freedom of religion.” The Governor thought in light of what his administration is doing it might have been more fitting if the President said: “If you like your religion you can keep your religion.”

In the question and answer period Jindal said we have to provide answers not just state what’s wrong. He mentioned America Next http://americanxt.org/ , an organization he serves as honorary chairman.   They are working on what they believe will be real solutions to the Nation’s problems.


Editor’s note: archived video should be up soon.


Debra Tash is Editor-in-Chief of Citizensjournal.us, past president for Citizens Alliance for Property Rights, business executive and award-winning author, residing in Somis

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He’s up Israel’s butt. That means he’s for the continued enslavement of Americans, and he’s backing a genocidal murderer. He lost my vote!