That lying bitch! The weaponization of false accusations in the war against men

Bunny & Sam Sewell

By Samuel Orrin Sewell and Bunny Sewell


When I was growing up, my cute little sister learned at an early age that if she did a false accusation “tattle” to our parents, Dad would punish me and Mom would hug and comfort her. She grew up to become a leader of the feminist movement. 🙂

Editor’s note: This may infuriate PC folks, but it is another view, which the Sewells claim they have documented. 

Men have a deeply ingrained instinct to rescue damsels in distress. If you don’t believe that, take a look at the survivor’s list from the Titanic disaster. Deficient men who tried to board the lifeboats, were physically restrained by heroic men who were willing to go down with the ship, in order to save the lives of women. A wide spread problem has reared its ugly head when feminists decided to take advantage of that protective, male instinct. Now wicked witches are disguising themselves as Damsels in Distress, and men are falling for this deceptive tactic. To see a playwright’s opinion of how this scam works, and the monumental danger it presents for our nation, please read the theatrical explanation at: 

The Wicked Witch Who Disguised Herself as a Damsel In Distress.

“Brilliant satire!” “Wickedly funny!” “Making fun of prominent liberal women without naming them was a stroke of genius.” “Feminists will fume. The rest of us will chuckle.” “It is about time that men and women teamed up to defeat feminism.”


“The Central Park 5” were infamously– and falsely– accused of rape

Many people know that Sam and Bunny Sewell are Directors of Best Self USA, a Nationwide Counseling & Life Skills Center. Here are some observations on this subject from Sam and Bunny:

SAM – Over the years we have learned much about family violence, the widespread, misguided, uninformed faults and opinions about this subject, and the prevalence of false accusations. Addressing these subjects is the purpose of this exposé.

We have not done any research on the motivations for women making false accusations, but we suspect that it has to do with their perception that they have less power than males, so they deceive an authority figure to advocate for them.

Several years ago I decided to teach Psychology and Human Relations for the Adult Education Department of the local school district. One of my students was a fellow therapist. My experiences with him should have prepared me to not be so surprised at the findings of the research that Bunny later did in this area. My therapist student became a friend. He had been accused of sexually inappropriate behavior with one of his clients. After many trials and tribulations with the professional regulators, he was exonerated. Other therapists we know, as well as friends, have also experienced false accusations of sexual harassment. These incidents have caused Bunny and me to begin seeing all of our female clients together, as a husband/wife therapy team, thus protecting me from possible false accusations.

A few years later, in order to avoid getting sucked into the trap of relying on advocacy“research,” Bunny began a meta analysis research project on Family Violence, and the prevalence of false accusations. A meta analysis eliminates the lowest and highest research numbers on a subject, then averages the remaining, predominant research, resulting in a scientifically valid overview of the current studies.

BUNNY: Since psychotherapy is a market-driven profession, our identity as a husband/wife therapy team began to attract couples and people with relationship issues. After a few years of our focus on family therapy, I began to notice something about incidents of domestic violence on our caseload. So I did some research on this issue, both among our clients and nationally. A very brief summary of the results of my research reveals that:

*        The group with the highest incidents of domestic violence was lesbian couples, which obviates the claim that men are primarily responsible for family violence.

*        The second most violent group was male homosexuals.

*        The third most violent group was co-habiting heterosexuals.

*        The least violent group was heterosexual, married couples.

The perpetrators of domestic violence were gender equivalent, but women used weapons three times more frequently than men. The murder rate was also about equal between genders.

Incidents of family violence also revealed surprising conclusions:

  • Most elder abuse is committed by women.
  • Most child abuse is committed by women, and more boys were abused than girls.
  • Murders of children were committed more frequently by women.
  • More boys were killed than girls.

This was a stunning revelation to us. But the most surprising part of my research was the frequency of false accusations made by females in the realm of family violence. To learn more about our Family Violence research see our FAMILY VIOLENCE SCIENCE blog at:

SAM: Based on Bunny’s extensive research, we created and published a well-documented, scientifically validated Family Violence Report which repudiated the widely disseminated gender propaganda, and widely misunderstood perceptions, of the general public. Our report, which was published in several languages, created an international uproar. The reigning feminists did not like having their financially rewarding myths dispelled.

At one presentation we were eager to share our newly found statistics with the local women’s shelter. Our motive was the hope that accurate research would reform the local women’s shelter toward the direction of it being called a “family violence center” which would deliver services to both genders. They “thanked” us by depositing the copies of the comprehensive report we had presented to each of them in the waste basket in front of us as they walked out.

Internationally, Bunny was presented with the prestigious Amigas Award for her research. Unintentionally, we became known as family violence experts, and were recruited to do expert witness testimony in state and federal legal cases. Our testimony was important, because we used validated research to support litigants. We soon discovered that family courts have a strong, anti-male bias. Gender politics has achieved the goal of assuming men are guilty, even before any evidence is supplied.

BUNNY: Many of the lawyers who practice Family Law also contributed to the problem caused by the feminist movement. Several of our female clients reported their indignation that their lawyers encouraged them to file false claims of family violence in order to remove the father from the home, to prevent his further contact with their children, and to obtain child support and alimony for the woman. These women sometimes expressed their desire to simply achieve a fair and equitable divorce, with the father remaining involved with the children, so they often resisted the advice to file a false claim. It soon became apparent that a strategy of filing a false claim of violence resulted in significant advantages to female litigants. With no evidence presented, the father was immediately removed from the home. A no-contact order was issued by the courts, preventing the father from any involvement with his children, until the courts litigated the women’s claim of violence. Since it is well known that “the wheels of justice grind slowly” the father is often alienated from his children for an extended period of time, particularly if the mother slips into the usual mode of parental alienation against the father.

SAM: What happens next is that a home and family evaluation is ordered by the courts. The people who do those home evaluations are almost always females with an anti-male bias. These female mental health professionals who have not created a successful private practice, and are feeding at the government trough, also let their gender bias contribute to the injustice which prevails in their recommendations to the family court.

One of our male clients shared with us the home environment evaluation done by a female psychologist. The report sparked an awareness that we had read this report before. By further examining our records, we discovered that this psychologist seemed to have copied and used several paragraphs from another report we had on file from one of our previous clients. Each of the several of her reports we then read, regardless of the situation, encouraged women to receive primary custody, often based on the fact that the children had now been comfortably settled in the marital residence with the mother for some time, and discouraged the father from even shared custody, since he was often living in temporary housing in order to continue supporting his family, and thus did not have adequate facilities for their visitation. These family evaluation reports were a product of a cut-and-paste content with inadequate evaluations of reality.

BUNNY: Another topic which our research revealed, independent of family issues, was the frequent, false accusations of rape. This issue is more widely known to the general public. Most of us remember the highly publicized, sexual impropriety attack leveled at Supreme Court nominee, Clarence Thomas, who was then exonerated and confirmed as a Supreme Court Justice. And most of us remember the false rape charges leveled at members of the Duke Lacrosse team, in which the prosecutor was disbarred for attempting to get a conviction when he knew that the accusations were false. The man is often considered guilty without any evidence.

False Rape Charges –

In the reporting of the recent plethora of sexual accusations, it appears that the national media did not check, nor include the scientific research on false accusations of rape statistics or domestic violence in their articles. That is not what you would call fair and balanced journalism, which requires accurate and unbiased presentation of both sides of the issue being presented. We have observed only one journalist who mentioned (then only briefly) the incidents of false accusations.

Evidently, the Washington Post did not check the archives of their own reporters before publishing recent hit pieces on sexual accusations.

The rest of the story about the crime of rape is the crime of false rape charges. Formal studies show a rate of false accusations varying from 27% to 60%.

In order to be included in these formal statistics of false rape, these cases were ones in which there were:

  1.  No corroborating witnesses,(her word against his.)
  2.  No physical evidence of a rape.
  3.  Here’s the tough one – before trial, the woman had recanted her testimony, admitting that she had made it up.

Thus, in order to be counted as a false rape charge, the accuser has to admit she lied. So we’re asking a woman who lied to admit that she lied, in order to be included in the false rape statistics.

Incidences of false rape charges are actually much higher than the formal studies. In one of the “informal” studies on false rape accusations done by the Washington Post, not believing a press release about one of the formal studies, they sent reporters to interview police and District Attorneys in suburban Maryland. The results? About half of all rape charges were false.

So just what makes victims, and/or their advocates, get so aggressive about defending their status as victims?

Makes one wonder if they care about, or even feel guilty about, the men facing false rape charges? Is there a “False Rape Hotline?” Do they have pamphlets on “What To Do If You Are Falsely Accused of Rape,, or counselors for these men? Or is their compassion, as well as their help, gender specific? Why does it appear that they are conducting a war against men, at any cost?

SAM: In addition to our role as psychotherapists, we also do Marketing and Management Training for executives. Accusations of improper sexual conduct are becoming a major problem for corporations, and of course false accusations are rampant in the workplace. False accusations are often rewarded because executives and business owners would rather pay off a liar than deal with the legal expenses, and harmful media publicity. If your business has more than 15 employees, and a complaint is made about a hostile work environment, a federal agency, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has the authority to investigate charges of discrimination against employers, and to file a lawsuit to protect the rights of individuals and the interests of the public. Those factors are a powerful impediment to executives protecting themselves and their companies from false accusations. So this seemingly “simple” executive solution of paying off the lying extortionists has significant, long-term, negative consequences. Female employees are well aware of the policies of the EEOC, and they know that accusations, whether true or not, is an easy source of financial reward, with little or no consequences to themselves. So, when employers attempt to squelch false accusations with what seems like quick and easy payoff rewards, this encourages other female employees to make false accusations. Soon a snowballing nightmare can actually destroy an entire corporation. So we advise executives to nip this nightmare in the bud, and oppose all false accusations adamantly.

Many executives assume that perjury laws will protect them. Our own experiences with the way perjury is dealt with legally was made clear to us when we were invited, because of the dissemination of our research on family violence, to a community meeting called by the judge of family court. When we raised the issue of false accusations being encouraged by family law attorneys and local women’s shelter counselors, the judge referred our questions to the head of the prosecuting attorney’s office, asking: “How many years have you been in the Prosecutor’s office, Mr Smith?” Smith: “Fifteen years, your honor.” Judge: “And how many perjury cases have been prosecuted during your fifteen years in office?” The prosecutor replied, softly, hanging his head, “None that I know of, your honor.”

Ancient cultures were acutely aware that false accusations were damaging to the entire nation, because it attacks the very fiber of society, by denying justice to all parties. Many ancient civilizations had severe consequences for false testimony. Number nine of the Ten Commandments addresses this issue.

Perjury: “Thou shall not bear false witness” (Ex 20:16)

If we followed ancient laws today, and a woman perjured herself, the punishment of “an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth” would have been implemented. The guilty party would have been punished with the same consequences as the accused, were he found guilty. Either she would be put to death, or the man would get the house, car and custody, and she would have to pay alimony.

Our research, no matter what aspect of our nation we examined, revealed a very dangerous violation of the laws prohibiting perjury. Today’s feminist movement has supercharged this hazard to our nation beyond the way that was obvious just a few years ago. Thus, lying has become an effective weapon in the war against men, and the deterioration of our families and our nation.

Submitted by Samuel Orrin Sewell and Bunny Sewell


Republished with permission. Source: THAT LYING BITCH!

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Sam Sewell is is certified by American Association of Pastoral Psychotherapists #7606. gifted Youth Coordinator Mensa and much more. Bunny Sewell is a Pastor, of Interfaith Ministries, Best Self USA Clinic Director and much more. They live and work in Naples, FL

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