Mac Tip 101: Know the Distinction Between Save, Save As, and Duplicate in macOS Apps


By Thaddeus MacHint

If you’ve been a pro-Mac user for a long time you’re aware of almost all the Mac tips and tricks that solve user’s problems. But, there’s one thing that may challenge you.

Your browser history is evidence of Save, Save As, and Duplicate.

The Save option may feel pretty straightforward, but it really isn’t. A lot happens behind the scenes. Yes, whether it’s about performing actions in your Document Files or your Photos. Many adapt to every save option in Pages, Numbers, and Keynotes, among the other Apple apps. Others, meanwhile, fail to do so.


  • Save Option:

For all those apps that support different versions of storing files, each Save works in two ways. The “Save Option” not only makes current changes for keeping the active document changes temporarily but also writes them to the file.

These work pretty well in creating the archived version of the file’s initial state.

Experts from Apple state that the version stores each hour. It stores all the significant document changes without being too specific about the significance of those changes.

Yet, the good news is that you can easily manage the version history. All you do is go through File> Revert To> Browse All Versions. By doing so, you’ll be able to purge the older versions.


  • Duplicate Files and Photos Option:

The File menu shows Duplicate below the Item saved by default. When you choose File> Duplicate, a copy of the current file state is created, including the unsaved changes.

Although the copy is separate, it slows down your PC to unacceptable levels. It has the name of the original file plus the word Copy in its Title. You have the file in the exact location as that of the original file, and you can edit the Title then the file detaches itself from the older file versions. Thus, you can’t revert to the previous version. But is it worth going back?

Maybe not!

You don’t want to deteriorate your Mac’s performance and it is possibform exceedingly well.

When you wish to close a duplicate file, your Mac brings you to the Save dialog box. It then asks you if you want to keep the document or get down to Delete, Copy, Save As, or Cancel options.

Choose wisely as improved performance is your desired option!


  • Save As Option:

le to get rid of duplicate files and photos. You can do it by following some basic steps and watch your PC per

Press the Options Key and go to File> Duplicate changes to the previous and long-running menu items like Save As. Select the option and watch for the Save As dialog box. Choose a name and destination for your file.

There are three ways in which Save As differs from Duplicate. Just like Duplicate, Save As trims the history of the version and brings the new file to a fresh start.


Final Walkthroughs

Hopefully, your long-lasting confusion about Save, Duplicate and Save As for your documents and photo files has come to an end.

Have any more questions in mind? Shoot your queries as it’s always fun to solve new problems.


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