Major Jeff Burum announces candidacy for CA 26th District Congress Brownley seat

Oxnard resident, United States Air Force Major (Retired) Jeffrey Burum, also known as “The California Bear,” is a Republican candidate for Congress in CA District 26, challenging Rep. Julia Brownley (D-Westlake Village), who represents the southern central coast and most of Ventura County. Major Burum is known for his lengthy career as a Desert Storm and Cold War Veteran of US Air Force, business owner, retired Certified Public accountant (CPA), and educator.

Major Burum graduated from the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and received his diploma from President Ronald Reagan in 1984.  From 1984-1988 Maj. Burum served in the Cold War victory as a Strategic Nuclear Intercontinental Ballistic Missile Combat Crew Launch Officer (third part of US Strategic Nuclear Triad, Grand Forks, ND).  He also served in the Gulf War 1 as Chief, Financial Management and Analysis, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 1993-1994 for Desert Storm/Southern Watch /Operation Provide Comfort II, enforcement of UN Resolutions 687 and 688 disarmament of Iraq. From 1992-1995 Major Burum served as Deputy Chief of Financial Management and Analysis, Air Mobility Command, McChord Air Force Base, Tacoma managing a  strict 300M operating budget and providing financial services for strategic deployments (including the C-141 aircraft deployments) to Somalia, Rwanda, Bosnia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, and Sudan.

From 1995-1998 he served as Chief, Financial Management and Analysis US Air Force Academy, preparing the budget for Presidential approval. Major Burum commented, “Under the 104th Congressional “Contract with America,” led by Newt Gingrich, we had to make drastic cuts to the government.  After the Cold War, the U.S. Air Force was was undergoing drastic reductions as part of the Base Realignment Closure (BRC).  Operations were increasing while the number of bases and resources were decreasing.”

President Reagan presenting USAF Academy diploma to Jeff Burum

His service medals include:

  • 2 Meritorious Service Medals
  • 2 Commendation Medals
  • Achievement Medal
  • Combat Readiness Medal
  • 2 Outstanding Unit Awards
  • 2 Organizational Excellence Awards
  • Southwest Asia Service with Device
  • Marksmanship
  • National Defense

Major Burum’s educational background includes:

  • US Air Force Academy (USAFA) graduate in 1984, with a BS in International Affairs
  • Received MA in Political Science in 1987 from the University of North Dakota
  • Received MBA from the University of North Dakota in 1989
  • 1988-1992 USAFA Assistant Professor of Military Art and Science
    • Taught Soviet military doctrine, classic military doctrine, air power theory, and leadership and ethics
  • 1998 Licensed as a CPA and Investment Advisor Representative providing  Income tax for businesses and individuals, accounting, payroll, business start-ups, financial planning, and estate planning
  • 1998-2010 Adjunct Assistant Professor of Income and Estate Taxation and Accounting at Colorado Technical and Regis Universities

Candidate Jeff Burum

“I feel a moral civic duty now as I did when I was commissioned as a 2nd Lieutenant, I took the Oath to defend this country, and that hasn’t stopped. I have worked all of my life to gain experience to get to this point and now I feel ‘the calling more than ever.’ My experience as a veteran, educator, CPA, and business owner, show my leadership and qualifications through all aspects of my life.  Who else can address our current issues? I’m meant for this job, and I need to step forth and lead. Furthermore, only 19% of Congress are veterans now.”

“Government should be from the bottom up, not the top down. We are in a state of chaos and hysteria. We have a polarized community created by identity politics. Overseas we have strained relationships with Russia and China, as well as our existing circumstances with ISIL, North Korea, and Iran, we need to be ready. On the home-front, we have a rise of socialism.  It is not a solution based on history.  One need only to look at Venezuela, Cuba, East Europe, the former USSR, examples to observe a lack of basic necessities such as starvation, clothing and shelter. Moreover, we have hundreds of thousands of sick veterans who cannot get care from the VA, which is a 190 billion dollar leviathan. “Congresswoman Julia Brownley sits on the House Committee on Veteran Affairs (VA) and always votes in favor of the VA, not the veterans.  Veterans overwhelmingly want and need privatized care.”

Major Burum’s core principles consist of:

  • Constitution and Federalism
    • “We are a nation of laws.  The U.S. Constitution is the supreme law of the land and must be adhered to without exception at all levels of government. We need legal immigration – not temporary, unconstitutional executive orders like DACA that place a burden on housing, schools, and law enforcement.”
  • Limited Government and Less Bureaucracy
    • “Reduce the Overall Size of Government.  A bloated bureaucracy creates wasteful spending that plagues our government. Reducing the overall size, scope and reach of government at both local and national levels will help to eliminate inefficiencies that result in deficit spending which adds to our country’s debt. The VA is a perfect example.”
  • Balanced Budget and Free Enterprise
    • “By implementing fiscally conservative policies at all levels of government, progress can be made toward eliminating the U.S. National Debt. Massive increases in the national debt have created and continue to create a huge burden for the next generation of Americans, thus imperiling the country’s short-term and long-term economic health and prosperity.”
    • “All deficit spending must be eliminated immediately. All levels of government must maintain a fiscally responsible budget and balance the books as would be expected of any American business or household.”
    • “America’s free enterprise system allows businesses to thrive free from government bureaucracy as they compete in the open marketplace and strive toward ever better services and products.”
  • VA and Immigration Reform
    • “Veterans need to receive proper care and in a timely manner.  We need to privatize the VA.  The VA has a budget of 190 billion dollars, and it still takes over 30 days to get an appointment. Anything beyond routine visits require travel to Los Angeles for specialized care, which may or may not be treated.  Simply stated, the VA is dysfunctional, overly unionized, and full of fraud waste and abuse per two decades of repeated Government Auditors Office (GAO) audits.”
    • Communities are polarized over immigration.  We need to follow the Constitution to allow citizenship for those that want to be here.
  • Peace through Strong Defense
    • The key to keeping America safe in an increasingly dangerous world is to “Make America Great Again” through economic renewal. Cutting the corporate tax rate and cracking down on unfair trade practices to increase America’s GDP growth rate are just as influential as military production.
    • Defeat ISIS Abroad While Maintaining Border Security
    • Overturning the Iran Deal
    • Sharing the Burden of Defense with NATO
  • Strong Economy with Less Taxes
    • “Eliminate Excessive Taxes – Excessively high taxes are a burden for those exercising their personal liberty to work hard and prosper as afforded by the Constitution. Perhaps a national sales tax is the fairest solution.”
    • Energy Independence – Excessive regulations have harmed American jobs and energy production. Reducing regulations and increasing production will decrease the American trade deficit and reduce dependence upon the Middle East.  Moreover, we can reduce Europe’s reliance on the Russian pipeline, and reduce our trade deficit with China.
    • Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!
    • Repeal Obamacare
  • ​Individual Liberty and Responsibility
    • Promote Civic Responsibility – Citizen involvement at the grassroots level allows the voice of the American people to be heard and directs the political behaviors of our representatives at both the local and national level so they, in turn, may be most effective in working to preserve the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of this country’s citizens.

When asked about his nickname “The California Bear,” Major Burum replied, “The grizzly bear is a well-known California symbol. After all, it’s on the state flag.  It was designed as a symbol of great strength and unyielding resistance. Moreover, it symbolizes the sleeping state of conservatism, which is now awakening to the extreme liberalism from the Democratic Party.”

Jeffrey Burum for Congress CA 26
[email protected]

Where is the 26th Congressional District?


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