Man rescued after jumping off damaged Ventura Pier

abortion arial,sans-serif; font-size: 12pt;”>On Saturday, February 13th, 4pm, Ventura City Fire personnel witnessed a man climb over a fence that restricted access to a closed a portion of the pier due to structural damage, and proceed to jump off the South Side of the pier at about 4pm this afternoon. Large surf in combination of a hazardous shoreline condition posed a dangerous condition for anyone attempting to enter or exit the water. State lifeguards and fire personnel responded to his eventual location (he was swept 200 yards down-coast due to currents) and escorted him from the rocks back to the beach.

The 43 year old male (William Stewart) was a vagrant from Santa Cruz California who is currently in Ventura. When asked why he jumped off the pier, he stated, “I just wanted to get in the water”. Ventura Fire and AMR personnel medically evaluated the man and he was found without injury and had no intent to hurt himself. Ventura Police had also arrived to assist with the investigation.

The subject was arrested a few days ago in Ventura for being under the influence of methamphetamine in public. At the conclusion of today’s investigation, Ventura Police cited him for breaking a municipal code for trespassing and jumping off the pier, which is prohibited in the City of Ventura.


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