Many Millions are Awakening, but Big Brother Continues to Advance

viagra 100mg times;font-size: 18px”>eyeballBy Brian Kearsey

order times;font-size: 18px”>According to this article in USA Today, as an example of Big Brother in the Classroom, the NY State Education Department has received over $40 million in federal and state grants to track its subjects “from preschool to college to the workforce and, potentially, throughout their lives.” By the end of 2015, the data should be linked: “with the state departments of Labor, Health and Taxation and Finance, and the offices of Technology and Children and Family Services.” To keep effective tabs on so many sheep, NY told the Federal Government it will use “common identification numbers that will follow individuals throughout their lives.”

The article explains that the Federal Government is pushing the Orwellian efforts through “stimulus grants and other programs,” and notes that 44 states are already collecting and synching childhood data with colleges, with 19 of them are already tracking the human pawns after they enter the workforce.

The programs seem to have been developed with virtually no public input, given the fact that “the only information you can find on the Web are internal documents.” But don’t worry, we can slumber peacefully in the back seat and let our masters drive, according to the predictable assurances from the devotees of the omnipotent Nanny State.

This issue is but one front in the war that brings encouraging news – all across the nation the data collection and insidious cancers like Common Core are meeting ever growing resistance. My daily, local soap box oratories are confirming that many millions of Americans are awakening and joining the swelling ranks of the Great American Revival, though we have not yet nearly reached the necessary critical mass to turn the tide. That won’t happen until many more conservatives wake up and accept the ugly reflection in the political mirror that their votes have created – both Bush Sr. and Jr. worked tirelessly alongside Democrats to expand the Federal Government’s role, not to mention the endless supply of fiat money from the Federal Reserve to Wall Street, keeping our borders wide open for decades, and many other sins. Rand  Paul seems to be negotiating a tactful compromise for 2016 that allows the neocon wing to save face and support him without actually apologizing for, much less acknowledging the blood on their hands; if so, I won’t quibble about past sins. I harangue my GOP family and friends about this not to rub their noses in their past votes, but because until they clearly see how they were hypnotized by empty rhetoric, they will continue to be prone to repeating the same mistakes. We MUST accept the fact that a silk suit, smooth words, and a likeable affect does not mean we can pull the lever and go back to sleep; it takes WORK to follow the votes and hold politicians’ feet to the fire to force them to abide by the oath that they swore on the Bible before God to uphold the Constitution.


Brian Kearsey is a seasoned educator and founder of Crossroads, a private school. Kearsey, a former resident of Simi Valley California,  now resides in Kent New York with his family. 


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Mike Travis

George Orwell must have had knowledge of the 10 Pillars of communism, for he wrote books like 1984 that predated the actual implementation of what he wrote as fiction. It is no longer fiction as we have the DHS which is supposed to protect us FROM terrorists but who has instead called PATRIOTS the real terrorists. The DoJ that is supposed to ensure justice but who instead attacks those who do not share their political views.

The list goes on though it should be apparent, at least to any intellectually honest person, that the real enemy is the government itself. As an example of this growing tyranny, an elected Police Chief in a small NM town was removed from office along with his entire force by the Sheriff who indicated the action was taken at the direction of the Feds because the Police Chief had troublesome political beliefs. What were those beliefs? Apparently, the Feds feel that if you believe in the Constitution and are prepared to defend it, then YOU are a threat. The proof is the Chief announced he was attending a conference with the Constitutional Sheriffs and Police Officers Association (CSPOA) where he signed a document declaring his loyalty to the Constitution and his commitment to enforce it. Obviously, that sort of crime cannot go unpunished, at least not in the treasonous minds of the Feds.

Wake up sheeple! Your time is running out. Either you stand up and defend Liberty NOW, or soon you will all be slaves. But don’t take my word for it. Read something besides the MSM tabloids for the truth. It will set you free, but ONLY if you act on it.