Marijuana – Washington Policy Makers Have It Wrong Again 



By Dr. Kevin McNamee

Marijuana legislation made it more available to our youth capturing their  hearts and minds during a critical time for brain and life-skill development. No longer do teens get their pleasure from getting good grades, learning a skill, helping others, hitting a baseball, reading a book. Their “feel good” comes from the blissful state marijuana gives them.  It has taken away their search for purpose in life and ability to become successful using their God given talents. 

State’s medial and recreational marijuana legalization is a reflection of how Washington policy makers continue to get it wrong and lack of leadership. Currently, marijuana is classified incorrectly as a Schedule 1 drug by the FDA meaning no therapeutic benefit – similar to heroine, PCP, crystal meth, and LSD.

Studies show marijuana has two therapeutic qualities. 

  1. A) The Cannabiodiol (CBD) is non-toxic, non-narcotic. Studies suggest it may help with treatment of epilepsy, sleep/behavior disorders, adverse chemotherapy effects, dystonias, neuropathic pain, etc.
  2. B) Narcotic effects of marijuana result in motor deficits in the abuser. Four or more joints per week for a decade or more had reduction in mental test performance. Long term users showed decision making impairment 70% of the time. 

Other Adverse Effects of Marijuana:

  1. Lungs – cancer possibility, chronic bronchitis, infections.
  2. Heart –  increased heart attack risk and death
  3. Liver – progressive liver fibrosis in Hepatitis C patients
  4. Reproduction – suppressed ability to become pregnant with testicular atrophy, abnormal sperm motility and impaired embryo implantation and development.
  5. Brain – reduced IQ, interference with new learning and memory. Cognitive impairment. Changes to the brain structure.
  6. Addiction – primes the brain for addiction with 1 in 6 becoming addicted if use starts in childhood. 
  7. Gateway Drug – Likely a gateway drug because of high THC potency. It is not the 6% THC levels of the 1960’s. It is now in the low 30% levels.  
  8. Psycho-social – Increased anxiety disorders. Increased risk of depression and suicide. Psychosis. 

Solution: Re-classify marijuana as a Schedule 3 FDA drug which A) requires a physician’s prescription, B) monitoring by medical boards like other prescriptions, C) dispensing through  licensed pharmacies, D) regulated by state pharmacy boards and FDA. 

This change to a Schedule 3 drug 

  1. Eliminates the organized crime influence, control and corruption currently found in the market place.
  2. Patients who need the narcotic effect of marijuana can obtain it by prescription. 
  3. Reduces children’s access to the drug and its life-long adverse effects.
  4. Allows the non-narcotic, pain control quality of cannabiodiol to be available over the counter.


Kevin McNamee

Dr. Kevin McNamee, a 2018 candidate for the Thousand Oaks City Council, is a 20 year resident of Thousand Oaks and business owner for over 28 years. He is an instructor at Ventura College in the Water Science Department. As a member of the Thousand Oaks Rotary, he volunteers his acupuncture and chiropractic clinical services at the Westminster Free Clinic to many of the city’s illegal immigrant and under-served population. His practice specializes in acupuncture, chiropractic, Asian and herbal medicine, blended with traditional Western diagnostics and treatment protocols. In addition to his practice, Dr. McNamee provides pain prevention services to organizations like the Los Angeles Police Department. Dr. McNamee’s Anti-Drug presentations for middle and high school students have helped change student attitudes about illegal drug use and abuse. 

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Richard McDonald
2 years ago

Poorly written with a lot of misinformation.