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Mark Meuser,  4/10/18

I have heard many people say that the most important race in the United States in 2018 is the California Secretary of State’s race. Their logic goes like this — As California goes, so goes the nation. If we do not want to lose this nation to socialism, we need to stop its spread here in California before it has a chance to spread to other states. In order to stop socialism in California, we need to elect Constitutionally minded individuals. However, as long as dead people and non-citizens are voting in California, it will be difficult to elect individuals who will obey their oath to uphold the Constitution.

I have heard many people say that conservative candidates cannot win in California. They pick up this narrative from the mainstream media. The media who promote the myth that conservatives cannot win in statewide are guilty of voter suppression if you ask me. A USC/LA Times poll showed that 43% of Democrats in California think that this state is not on the right track. In 2016, the California Chamber of Commerce found that that the Democratic candidate for governor would beat the Republican candidate for governor by over 12 points. The same survey in October of 2017 shows that the Democratic candidate was only winning by 3 points.

This is what we call a tide change, and it is time that conservatives wake up to the fact that they have the ability to take back their state in 2018.

I have heard many people say that no one knows what the Secretary of State does and so the only way a conservative Secretary of State wins is if the conservative Governor wins. However, the facts do not support this contention. In 2014, the California Secretary of State’s race was the closest statewide race. The Republican candidate almost won even though he was outspent 7 to 1. In 2016, the Republican candidate for Oregon Secretary of State won even though Hillary Clinton won that state by a wide margin. This was the first Republican Secretary of State to hold this office since 1985.

The issue of election integrity is becoming more of a hot button issue. As we know, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump likes to Tweet about non-citizens voting. Recently we learned that hundreds of thousands of non-citizens are registered to vote in Pennsylvania. People are waking up to the fact that we need to stop foreign influence in our elections by cleaning up our voter rolls.

To illustrate how people are paying more attention to election integrity, I recently did a Twitter live with Cheryl who had found some voter irregularities in Los Angeles county. In this video, Cheryl tells us that she was a poll worker and she was examining the polls and realized that there were 19 people registered to vote at a PO Box. This concerned her because she knew that one could not be registered to vote at a PO Box. After the election, Cheryl did some research and she discovered that the PO Box was owned by the city’s Democratic Party.

This one tweet was retweeted over 14,000 times. To put that in perspective, when the president tweets he typically receives approximately 20,000 retweets. My tweet was seen far and wide because citizens across this country understand that #ElectionsMatter, and they are waking up to the fact that if they do not want dead people voting, they need to elect someone to the California Secretary of State’s office who will return integrity to California’s broken electoral system.

We must remember that there are more freedom loving Californians than there are those who love a tyrannical form of government. If those Californians who want less government interference with their lives simply turn out and vote, I will easily be elected as your next Secretary of State. When I am elected as your next Secretary of State, I will follow both Federal and State law to remove from the voter rolls those individuals who are ineligible to vote. By cleaning up our voter rolls, we can start the process of reducing the amount of fraud in our California elections.

The Secretary of State has broad powers to investigate election fraud. If you saw something that did not look right during the 2016 elections, I would encourage you to reach out to my campaign and let us know. While I cannot start a formal investigation, we can examine the facts and maybe I can interview you like I did Cheryl and you can help shed light on some of the problems we have with our elections in the state of California.

Whether or not the California Secretary of State’s race is the most important race in the United States in 2018, I do not know. But what I do know is this, the California Secretary of States race is a winnable race and when we win the race, it could make some races in California more competitive that many people thought Republicans had no chance to win.

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