Market crash or …?

By George Miller

The Dow-Jones was down well over 1000 points this morning as a selling frenzy comtinued from last week. It recovered somewhat and dipped again. The activity is being attributed to trouble in the Chinese economy and markets, but since those are so strongly linked to the U.S. and European economy via exports, that may not be a satisfactory explanation in itself.

as of 7 AM 8-24-15


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Wall Street in free-fall as traders ditch stocks amid…

Wall Street plummeted early Monday as traders aggressively sold stocks and bid-up only the safest asset classes.

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This is not necessarily an imminent disaster as Wall Street has managed its way out of crashes before, but the fundamentals do not bode well this time. Soem say it will be amajor correcion, not just a pullback, at a minimum.  We’ll see.

We have no Wall Street desk, so all we can do is pass along the national news, at this point ….

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Meanwhile, Beneath The Surface Market Liquidity Is Worse Than During Flash Crash

Curious why few if any traders can actually execute any trades, whether buys or sells? The reason is that despite the relative calmness of the index prints, what is going on beneath the surface is an unprecedented wave of constant halt and unhalts, making it virutally impossible for any matching enginge to, well, match buyers and sellers.


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