Marxist Dogwhistle: The Economic Shutdown in Focus



By Mike Smith

For decades, leftists seeking control over free people have sought an excuse to ‘get back’ at American capitalists. The CDC ‒which has American blood on its hands‒ has given them one. The economic shutdown is the excuse.

It is frankly a dogwhistle to Marxists, to deny capitalists their God-given rights. Unfortunately, a large number of these leftists are activist judges and tort law attorneys.

One such Marxist is Obama-connected Dallas Judge Eric Moye, who made hair salon owner Shelley Luther a political prisoner in the United States. She has since been released and exonerated by the Supreme Court of Texas. Whether the actual record of her arrest will be destroyed is not yet known.

It should be. No person falsely arrested and denied their rights under color of law should be recorded as having been arrested. The pursuit of happiness demands innocence and a good name go hand-in-hand.

Meanwhile, how police in Texas respond to the outrage over Ms. Luther’s unconstitutional arraignment, arrest and incarceration will determine whether capitalist patriots here will be given an excuse to publicly humiliate Marxists. It may happen. Police in Amarillo put a crack in that dam less than a week ago.

Meanwhile, it will remain true that leftists cannot be shamed, only publicly humiliated.

If Governor Abbott has accepted this fact, that is news to Republican voters aware of his failures in Texas.

Court Jester Republican politicians will continue to not humiliate leftists, seeking to ‘work across the aisle’ and thus increase the harms of the (pre-shutdown) Texas 86th Purple Legislative session. They are as dangerous as the Marxist-Leninist Democrats they enable. And true Texas conservatives know it.

Unlike the enabling fake Republicans, we conserve more than our own asses. Especially right now.

The Marxist dogwhistle released in the form of an economic shutdown is actually awakening a sleeping giant. And the Left will incur severe losses in trying to stop it, if this crisis persists much longer. The Left has big tech and China, but we patriots have better trained people and superior adaptability.

We also have more human resources than rogue law enforcement officers and judges have. We outnumber them; plus our combined skills and resources are in greater supply also.

And they know it.

Which is why all the ham-fisted, tyrannical responses from Democrat control junkies across America are occurring. In paranoid attempts at self-preservation, they overreact over innocent people seeking justice for a government-made economic hate crime. Newsom and Whitmer are only two examples.

The Marxist Dogwhistle may be the one gift the Republican Party could not give the American Right, which is needed for the U.S. Republic to be kept. The Left has no idea what ‘can’ they’ve just opened. And the Marxists will be the last fools in America to find out.

Mike Smith is a former Ventura County resident who now resides in Texas

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Mike, you are SO right! As the quote attributed to Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto says, “I fear all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant and fill him with a terrible resolve.”

THAT is the mistake the leftists are making, and they don’t even get it.

Yes, we have issues. So many young people (not all) cannot think for themselves, but some are coming around.

Trump has united so many of us. It’s an interesting time to be alive, that’s for sure!