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    Matrixxx Grooove: Hospitals KILL Coronavirus Patients By Not Treating Them With Ivermectin – Brighteon.TV


    (Natural News) Jeff Peterson and Shannon “Shady” Grove claim hospitals are killing Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) patients by refusing to treat them with ivermectin. They make this revelation during the Sept. 13 edition of The Matrixxx Grooove Show on Peterson and Grove also commemorate Chicago resident Veronica Wolski, who died after the hospital where she was confined in refused to treat her with the drug.

    Wolski is known for her People’s Bridge initiative that involves her dropping leaflets and hanging banners from a bridge in her hometown. Peterson describes her as a “fierce patriot … [who] will be truly missed.” Meanwile, Grove describes Wolski as a person who is “trying to show people the truth,” telling Americans to “look here, not there” in her own way.

    “She fought all the way to the point where she … [got] sick and ended up in a hospital,” Grove adds. According to a report by Chicago news channel Fox 23, Wolski demands ivermectin as soon as she arrives in the hospital. However, doctors at the Amita Resurrection Health Medical Center refuse to administer the drug to her.

    Wolski then takes to social media and complains about the hospital refusing to give her the life-saving treatment. Her supporters also take up her cause, with Amita officials confirming “numerous calls and emails well into the hundreds” regarding Wolski’s demand.

    Peterson then shows a video of South Carolina attorney Lin Wood calling the hospital on behalf of Wolski. In the footage, Wood introduces himself to a hospital staff member over the phone. He demands, under a medical power of attorney, that Wolski be released immediately. Wood continues that an ambulance and a medical doctor are waiting for Wolski outside the hospital to treat her.

    The lawyer then issues a threat to the hospital staffer if the facility refuses to release Wolski. Wood says: “If you do not release her, you’re going to be guilty of murder. Do you understand what murder is?” (Related: Australia’s murder regime government bans ivermectin prescriptions for covid in order to maximize covid casualties.)

    The Matrixxx Grooove hosts acknowledge plot to discredit ivermectin

    Peterson acknowledges that there are therapeutics, such as ivermectin, that help people get better from the flu. He adds that the Amita hospital’s refusal to treat Wolski with the drug “really makes [him] angry.” Meanwhile, Grove proceeds to condemn doctors in charge of Wolski for their lack of compassion, empathy and understanding.

    Grove says: “The idea that someone is in a hospital … asking for something and these people [are] withholding it from her, that is murder. [That] is what they’re doing to … thousands and thousands. It’s disturbing on a level that I can’t even quite comprehend right now.”

    Peterson then cites a Fox News report about podcast host and stand-up comedian Joe Rogan’s use of ivermectin during his bout with COVID-19. The host of The Joe Rogan Experience claims he took several medications – including monoclonal antibodies, prednisone, azithromycin and ivermectin. He adds that using the medications for three days contributes to his recovery.

    Peterson then shows a video presentation about ivermectin and how mainstream media outlets conduct a “coordinated effort” to discredit its use for COVID-19. It starts by mentioning how Japanese scientist Dr. Satoshi Omura isolated ivermectin from soil bacteria four decades ago. Omura’s work on ivermectin merits him the Nobel Prize for the drug in 2015.

    The video adds that since its discovery, ivermectin has been prescribed “nearly 4 billion times” as a treatment for parasitic and viral infections. It also mentions a 2017 article published in Nature espousing ivermectin as a “multifaceted wonder drug” with “unexpected potential as an antibacterial, antiviral and anti-cancer agent.”

    Even the World Health Organization attests to ivermectin’s effectivity, including it in its List of Essential Medicines. The global health body also stands by the drug’s unparalleled safety profile and “primarily minor and transient” side effects. The Tokyo Medical Association also joins the entities standing behind ivermectin, recently advocating for its use against COVID-19. (Related: FACT CHECK: Ivermectin is on WHO list of “essential medicines”.)

    “Some doctors and scientists have taken issue with the methodology and some of the trials of ivermectin – this is expected in scientific debate. [While] one can take issue with the methods and conclusions of the peer-reviewed science, to claim that there is no science to support the use of ivermectin for [COVID-19] is patently false. [To] characterize this Nobel-Prize winning drug prescribed for humans as horse dewormer – that is a lie,” the video says.

    Grove then proceeds to slam the “bald-faced” liars attacking ivermectin as a potential COVID-19 treatment in favor of vaccines. “We all understand that they’ve got a narrative to protect. But do you really recognize what’s going on? These are licensed professionals who are literally disregarding the Hippocratic Oath … [and] the Constitution,” he says. He then calls on these medical professionals to “have some courage and stand up for America.”

    Click here to watch the full episode of The Matrixxx Grooove Show. has more articles about the medical establishment’s opposition to ivermectin as a COVID-19 treatment.

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