Maxine Waters can’t help herself


By Michael Greer

Another day, another ObamaCare Townhall given by Maxine Waters. Last Saturday a group of us “racist Tea Partiers” went to Torrance to hear Representative. Waters tell us again how wonderful ObamaCare is, even in the face of its obvious failure.  Ms. Waters basically told us to move on, nothing to see here. She said it was just a little glitch and would be fixed soon.

Although this was an ObamaCare Townhall, the first thing out of  Ms.Waters’ mouth was to say the “Republican” government shutdown hurt the economy and America’s reputation worldwide.  Although an objective person could see the Republicans attempt to delay ObamaCare was a reasonable goal considering the White House knew it wasn’t ready for implementation.

When the discussion was opened up to Questions and Answers, I pointed out there were few doctors who were Medical providers and adding millions more to their already overloaded practices would not result in “quality care.” The man representing AARP on the panel said they were aware of the shortage of doctors so they were giving a “bonus” to Medical providers and thought that would encourage more doctors to become providers. My answer to that is for good doctors it’s not as much about a “bonus” as it is about the quality of care they can provide.

Another member of our group commented that he was raised to believe he was responsible for his life.That if he worked hard what he earned was his property and isn’t ObamaCare taking his property? He told the congresswoman his Kaiser insurance has been increased from $500 a month to $1200 a month.  The congresswoman then gave us a dissertation on how we had different world views and would never agree. She said “some of us” believe we have a responsibility to care for those less fortunate and “others” believe in protecting their property  The assumption being Conservatives don’t care about “those less fortunate, an assumption not based in fact. Every study done shows Conservatives are not just more charitable than those on the Left but by far more charitable.

Another person of our group  spoke about her concerns over the assault on our privacy, and pointed out South Carolina has banned ObamaCare from their state.  The Congresswoman revealed her view of the government’s role.  Waters told us the Federal Government would shut South Carolina down. She told us in no uncertain terms the Federal Government would COMPEL them to comply. She said Federal law supersedes State law.  We reminded her of the 10th Amendment but she wasn’t interested in state’s rights.

The man who represented AARP was determined to convince us ObamaCare was wonderful but he clearly didn’t know what was in the bill.  He told us it only affected people who don’t have insurance. He said if you have insurance it doesn’t affect you at all.  We told him millions of policies were being cancelled because no current policy complies with the new ObamaCare mandates. He didn’t believe that even though several people during Q&A explained that their policies had either been cancelled or had their premiums raised dramatically.

This man who was there to officially represent AARP, and he believed ObamaCare was only about insurance. He had no idea it involved federal agencies having authority over your actual healthcare.  When I pointed out ObamaCare was a stepping stone to single payer, he denied that was true. He said he would NEVER support a single payer system. I asked him to go to YouTube and look up what the President had to say about single payer. I told him Obama wanted single payer but knew he could never get it passed, so as a good progressive, he’s nudging us into it. I could see the cogs turning in his mind…….hopefully they keep turning. One convert at a time.

As the meeting broke up we spoke to the pastor of the church this meeting was held in and asked if we could hold a Citizens Townhall there as well. The pastor said no because they couldn’t have a partisan meeting there (was THIS not a “partisan” meeting?). What is happening to our churches?

After the meeting we continued to speak to people outside the church. We met a Russian man who said he recognized creeping communism when he saw it.  He said he lived under it and this is how it always starts. It ALWAYS starts out claiming to help people and make things “fair.”  But it ALWAYS ends with screaming.


Michael Greer is the co-organizer of the Santa Monica Tea Party and the Los Angeles Tea Party, on the board of directors of the Citizens’ Alliance for Property Rights and was a member of the Republican Central Committee for the 41st Assembly District. 


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Stefan Djordjevic

There’s an old expression: “Give a fool enough rope, and eventually he will hang himself.” Cllinton did it, the guys at Penn State football did it, Weiner did it, Hilary did it, Filner did it, and slowly but surely this Honolulu prep school graduate from a privileged white background will do it. The only fool who never does it, (or does do it and no one cares), and lives to celebrate another day….is Maxine Waters.