May Day used as sanctuary state promo

By George Miller

Usually, May Day (May 1) celebrations are a “workers of the world unite” thing.  But this year, the trend, especially in California, is to repurpose them to support “immigrants,” well actually illegal immigrants.  Oxnard was no exception, putting on a friendly event, with CAUSE, SEIU, MICOP, UFW and other local branches of activist organizations present.

Participants of May Day, 2017 event at Plaza Park in Oxnard head for the streets. Photo: George Miller/

About 300 people showed up mid-day on a Monday to participate or watch. About 80+% of the crowd appeared to be “Latino” and the rest mostly “Anglos,” with a light sprinkling of “other.” Pretty much the Oxnard demographic. Lots of people were wearing T-shirts of the aforementioned organizations.

Photo: George Miller/

This was mainly in response to perceived Trump administration efforts to tighten up on illegal immigration. Trump opponents were working under the assumption that there would be aggressive action against millions of people who are violation of immigration law, but this is not the case. The administration has instead left the vast majority here illegally undisturbed, focusing on removing felons, while tightening up on the border and visa issuing. DACA has been left as is, so far and nothing has been heard on E-Verify. We are told that taking benefits illegally will be prosecuted.

The event was friendly, low key and festive, in the Oxnard tradition, unlike the more militant productions in LA, San Diego, Seattle, Oakland, etc.  They are too smart to generate such negative publicity and wish to win support of the community, not enmity. Speeches were in Spanish and English.

The overall theme we observed while we were there was to support the SB54 sanctuary city legislation, which would prevent CA govt. jurisdictions from cooperating with federal immigration authorities, even in cases of some serious crimes, in violation of federal immigration law.

Speakers supported that bill and also touted literature telling people what to do if they are stopped by authorities in public or challenged at home, which is to stand on their 4th Amendment (freedom from unreasonable search/seizure) and 5th Amendment (freedom of due process and from self-incrimination, )  – see red card  (right). But this doesn’t address probable cause cases.

We saw signs supporting open borders, amnesty and sanctuary cities/state.

Julie Pena, a first generation American Citizen and an Oxnard InterNeighborhood Council leader, was there with grandchildren or great grandchildren- not clear which. She observed that many immigrants came here illegally with the seeming tacit approval of the authorities. She wants immigration reform. I asked her to be specific, but she wasn’t. After some discussion, we concluded that would be a better work permit arrangement and a path to residency, along with a sanctuary city. She noted that the Bracero arrangement seemed to work well and wondered why it couldn’t be brought back. She told me that Mayor Tim Flynn said there were only about 30,000 illegal immigrants in the City. But, she remarked, each one has an average of about five family members and many can vote. She also said “we were here first.” We heard no comments from Chumash people. Citizens who were here before more recent rounds of migration commented (below).

A well-dressed paralegal with West African immigrant parents said he was here because he sympathized with immigrants’ plight. When I told him there are not problems for legal immigrants, just illegal ones, he replied that there is more than the law to consider. He plans to get a law degree. When I asked him what about doing it legally, he said some people have problems, like expired visas.

Some people present attempted to demonize the administration, claiming that the govt. is doing “raids” and rounding up people. In fact, arrests have been very narrowly targeted at illegal immigrant felons.

Sanctuary state/amnesty advocates attempt to demonize President Trump with this poster at Oxnard’s Plaza Park- May 1, 2017. Photo: George Miller/


We were treated to Aztec native dances and music, a people from somewhat farther south than the current national border.  One of the dancers held a flag which was Mexican on one side and USA on the other. After the dance in Plaza Park, they led much of the crowd of about 300 South on C Street and through parts of downtown.

We saw no counter-demonstrators.

Colorful dance and start of the downtown march (VIDEO by ….


A march downtown followed the Plaza Park at May Day festivities at Oxnard’s Plaza Park 5-1-17. Photo: George Miller/


We saw these event announcements:

Photo: George Miller/

Photo: George Miller/



Photo: George Miller/


Photo: George Miller/


Photo: George Miller/

Opponents comment

Deborah Baber-Savalla, a co-founder of “Point of View,” which she describes as a local community-based organization for common-sense change, had the following comments: “It is one thing to celebrate May Day as an international workers’ day, but it is quite another to do so as part of a larger goal to advocate contravening United States Federal Immigration law.  Are most of the people participating pawns of some larger, perhaps profane agenda? Generally speaking, people who benefit from breaking the law, are the very same people who have the most to gain by encouraging and agitating for others to do so. Encouraging others to break the law and doing so successfully gives lawbreakers a twisted “legitimacy”. Anyone in government who permits this, is not only a law-breaker but also an oath-breaker, since elected officials are sworn to uphold our Constitution. No good comes from breaking this law except for the bad people whose actions are legitimized and the politicians who embrace the crime. They are repaid in votes.”

Hope W.: “I’d like to know WHEN our elected officials, elected by CITIZENS to uphold the laws that protect us, decided to betray us, their oath, and their nation. I consider any and all elected officials who support this bill to be clear and complete traitors. They should NOT remain in office, and I hope legal voters turn out in big numbers that boot them out of Sacramento and Washington DC. If you agree, get active to correct the illegal voting and convince others of the danger these traitors pose to our nation.”


VCStar event pictures


Origins of May Day


George Miller is Publisher of and a “retired” operations management consultant residing in Oxnard

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Tom Snyder

Illegal aliens are cheaters and lawbreakers. They don’t deserve to stay in the USA!