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    McCullough Testimony Jolts Texas Senate on Pandemic Lessons Learned

     By Trevor FItzgibbon

    Remarks Concerning Early Treatment Given to Senate Committee on Health and Human Services

    Any American…any Texan has the right to receive these drugs in the hospital when they engage in the discussion with their doctor…and under no circumstances should any doctor refuse a patient, share their own decision making and their own personal autonomy.

    It’s unethical. It’s immoral, and from a clinical perspective, it’s illegal, and don’t let it happen on your watch.

    Those are my comments.

    • Peter McCullough


    Watch Video Testimony Here.

    AUSTIN, TX – Peter McCullough, MD, recognized as one of the world leaders in COVID-19 treatment, jolted the Texas Senate yesterday with his testimony over pandemic lessons learned.

    McCullough testified to the Texas Senate Health & Human Services.

    Buzz continues to spread about his new book, co-authored with John Leake, The Courage to Face COVID-19 – Preventing Hospitalization and Death while Battling the Committee.

    Below, an excerpt from the new book starts to tell the story of what has happened in America and other parts of the world such as India.

    The story of doctors who developed a safe and effective early treatment for COVID-19 and their battle with the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex that suppressed it. 

    At the beginning of 2020, Dr. Peter McCullough was a highly regarded practicing physician, program director, teacher, and clinical investigator at a major academic medical center in Dallas, Texas. When COVID-19 arrived in March, he felt a duty to find a treatment for the disease. He wasn’t alone. Other doctors all over the world were also searching for a cure. They followed the longstanding principle that it’s best to tackle a sickness early before it becomes life-threatening. This is the story of how Dr. McCullough and his colleagues developed an early treatment protocol of generic, repurposed drugs and supplements that have saved millions of COVID-19 patients from hospitalization and death.

    In spite of their success, their early treatment protocol was not welcomed by public health officials. On the contrary, the news of their promising results was dismissed as soon as it was reported. At first, this seemed like conventional skepticism, but then fraudulent papers maligning the protocol’s repurposed drugs were published in academic medical journals. This and other acts of fraud revealed that a coordinated smear campaign against early treatment was being waged. Dr. McCullough and his colleagues soon found themselves censured, censored, attacked in the media and fired from their jobs. The greatest victims of the smear campaign were COVID-19 patients who were consequently deprived of early treatment. Hundreds of thousands needlessly died of the disease.

    At the same time, early treatment was suppressed, and the US government and mainstream media proclaimed that the cure to COVID-19 lay in a new generation of vaccines that were being developed at warp speed. These were heralded as a forthcoming panacea that would save mankind and restore normalcy. As soon as they were mass deployed, public health officials would lift the restrictions on social and economic life.

    While many observers were thunderstruck by this turn of events, there were historical precedents. In his 1961 Farewell Address, President Eisenhower warned: We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes. As Dr. McCullough and his colleagues learned, Eisenhower’s warning has become equally applicable to the Bio-Pharmaceutical Complex of multinational drug companies, the NIH and other federal agencies, research and virology labs, and the Gates Foundation. Since COVID-19 arrived, this Complex has obtained misplaced power over every aspect of our lives and taken our liberties. The Courage to Face Covid-19 recounts how Dr. McCullough and his colleagues began their work by fighting a novel infectious disease and then became leaders in fighting the tyrannical regime that endangers our American way of life.



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