Meeting at Kiddie Beach about the kayak/paddling ban

The Ventura County Harbor Dept shut down Kiddie Beach (in Oxnard) to Kayakers and paddlers last year. They’ve posted signs and the lifeguards or harbor patrol chase us away and threaten citations.

Some California Kayak Friends members before 7-10-16 launch at Kiddie Beach, Channel Islands Harbor, before the kayak ban was enforced. Photo: Lee Shurie

People in the neighborhood have been wheeling their kayaks and launching from Kiddie Beach for years and years with no problems.  We were told to use Hobie Beach, which is next to Kiddie Beach, but it’s too rocky there and very dangerous. The kayak and outrigger groups have met with harbor director, suggesting solutions months ago.  Tuesday morning, June 27 at 10:00, there is a meeting on Kiddie Beach. John Zaragoza and Lyn Kreiger will be there.  Local citizens are asking for nothing more than a single lane for kayak launching, so that there can be mixed use for public access.
Hope to see you there!
Connie Korenstein

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