Mexican, Central American immigrants slower to assimilate in U.S.


Immigrants overall do rather well at assimilating into the U.S., see but there are major differences – particularly for poor Mexican and Central American immigrants, whose families lag behind the kind of integration the U.S. has prided itself on for decades, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine said in a report Monday. Immigrants are healthier…

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William "Bill" Hicks
William "Bill" Hicks
5 years ago

good questions to ask now are……..who do parents leave their children with when they’re deported? If Mom is left, and only father is deported, what stress does that put on our “entitlement” programs? Does Congress have the will to legislate the end of anchor babies?

COMMENT: Any trip into east Los Angeles will assure you that those from south of our border do not assimilate, but set up their barrios’ of ethnic isolation, with gangs and drug lords running them.