Mideast Policy by way of Common Core

Editor’s Note: This came to us from a reader who has been in the battle against Common Core (the new Federal curriculum) from the beginning.  The message sent regarding its origin:

“A lady with a daughter in the LAUSD (San Fernando Valley, Sherman Oaks) who is Jewish sent this to me. Her daughter is in her last year of Middle school and this is a current events thing with Kerry pushing for peace at any cost. She was pretty upset by it. I told her to take it to both the rabbi and the ADL.”

We can’t verify that this is, indeed, a Common Core lesson. However if it is, then we would have to question the reasoning behind it, and that an objective view of history is not the goal of a lesson built on such skewed questions.   We leave it to you to decide.

You can download the Word file for this 7th grade civics project here:



Name:                                                                                   Date:                                 Core:



Arab-Israeli Conflict – Review Packet

Complete all of the questions to help prepare your for the unit test.


*Use the picture to answer Questions #1-3


  1. What city is this?
  1. What 2 important sites can be seen?


  1. How does this picture explain the conflict between Palestinians and Israelis?

Define the following terms:

  1. Refugees
  2. United Nations
  3. Occupied Territories
  4. Dome of the Rock
  5. Six Day War
  6. Hamas
  7. Jerusalem
  8. Zionism
  9. Intifada
  10. Western Wall

Fill in the chart below with the correct information.


Official Language

Major Religion

Holy Book

Holiest Site






Answer the following questions regarding the film Promises.

 What differences did you notices in the living conditions between the Palestinian and Israeli children?

  1. How does the Israeli occupation impact the lives of Palestinians, like Faraj and Sanabel?
  1. Why do you think the film is called Promises?
  1. Why did Moishe not want to meet the Palestinian children?
  1. How were sports important in the film?


Examine the map to help you answer questions #19 – 22


  1. When did Palestinians lose the largest amount of land?


  1. Why didn’t the UN Partition Plan of 1947 work?


  1. Where do most Palestinians live today?


How Can We Resolve Conflicts?

Imagine that you have been appointed by the President as the Chief Diplomat for the Middle East. Now is your chance to use your knowledge to bring peace to Israel and Palestine. Write a proposal for how to solve the conflict. Be sure to explain the cause of the problems and how your plan will address these problems. Then use the blank map to create your new borders. Who will control the land? Will there be one country or two? What about Jerusalem? There is no right or wrong solution – just be sure to make a logical, well supported argument!


The cause of the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians is…


My plan will fix these problems because…





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