Might makes Right in Left Wing politics By Richard Eber


By Richard Eber

Question?  What do Lois LernerJames Comey, and Hunter Biden have in common?

Answer:  All of these individuals have engaged in criminal activities that will likely never be prosecuted.

The reason for scales of justice ignoring these law breakers is simple.  If one engages in any act that targets conservatives or President Donald Trump, they receive a free get out of jail card from the Democratic Swamp Rats immersed in Washington D.C. politics.

It all started in President Barack Obama’s second term when IRS official Lerner was caught blatantly discriminating against conservative non profits by denying them a tax exempt status.  Despite incriminating emails which she destroyed while pleading the 5th before Congress, she was allowed to retire with a pension of over $ 100,000 per year.

Why was Lerner allowed to skate without repercussions?  The answer is simple.  Making things difficult for the Tea Party was considered to be a badge of honor by the left rather than be a clear act of illegal governmental overreach against private citizens.

As it turned out what transpired with Lerner can be considered a drop in the bucket for what has followed.

There is no need to beat a dead horse recounting the activities of Adam Schiff, FBI Director Comey, US Intelligence Chief James Klapper, CIA Director John Brennan, and FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith.  These individuals, along with several prominent accomplices, are chiefly responsible for spying on Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign and pushing forward the Russian conspiracy hoax.

This takes us to Hunter Biden for whom all evidence indicates was using his Dad’s influence as Vice President of the United States to personally profit in business deals from the Ukraine to Beijing.  Even Democrats willing to go on the record recognize that young Biden was not even remotely qualified to be involved with these transactions.

It should be asked if Joe was not aware of his son’s scams, why would voters elect such a dumb ass to be leader of the free world?

The point is it doesn’t matter today what Progressive Democrats do either breaking the law or making up fake conspiracies to attack Donald Trump and his conservative base. The ends justify the means in attacking the President in every possible way.

These true believers have been aided in their quest to dump Trump by their liberal allies in the news media.  Virtually all major TV networks with the exception o Fox have attacked the President each day, killing most stories that don’t fit their Progressive narrative.  This same pattern of partisanship exhibited by the likes of NBC, CBS, CNN, and ABC is evident in major print publications as well.

Making things even worse has been the discrimination against conservatives by FacebookGoogle, and Twitter.  These powerful entities, which have assisted Democrats in killing the New York Post expose on the corruption of the Biden’s business dealings, makes Lois Lerner’s exploits to be child’s play.

By controlling what people view on their web browsers, these organizations have taken on the role of playing Big Brother envisioned in George Orwell’s 1984.

Unfortunately, the Democratic world of the “Permissible Lie” has extended to State and local governments as well. California is the poster child of fraud and deceit. Under the administration of Governor Gavin Newsom, defiance of the Federal Government is a way of life as long as the target is Donald Trump. 

The best example is the Sanctuary City laws that allow those who are not in compliance with Federal immigration laws to live freely in this State in defiance of Federal law.  In addition those undocumented residents can committee misdemeanors and some felonies and not be extradited to where they came from.  To make things worse these individuals in many cases are being subsidized for medical and other expenses incurred while living in California.

California is also trying to ignore Federal regulations of the EPA on everything from pollution standards for autos to forest management.  Attorney General Xavier Becerra has initiated over 100 lawsuits against the Federal Government.  It is no wonder that President Trump is not anxious to bail out California for being 54 billion in the hole for spending beyond their means before and during the Covid-19 epidemic.

The Golden State’s Kamikaze approach to dealing with the Republican administration has extended to cities and counties throughout all of California.   The Legislature’s reckless spending and priorities have forced local communities to perform more services with less revenue to pay for them.

As an indication of this pressure, there are some 243 tax measures on the ballot November 3rd. Most local officials lie to their constituents and tell them Senior services, pot hole repairs, Homeless services, and infrastructure needs are being covered with the extra money they are requesting.  The reality is that increased pensions for government workers are consuming most of the additional revenue that would be raised.

One can’t completely blame those who are trying to increase taxes as balancing budgets isn’t easy during these trying times. But does this hardship justify  elected officials, Mayors, and City Manager’s to openly campaign for the passage of tax increases knowing that doing so goes against  regulations set forth by the State Political Fair Practices Commission?

It should be noted that there has been a considerable amount of collateral damage from California’s reckless economic and social policies.   The exodus of high paying jobs leaving the State for greener pastures elsewhere is a testament of the flaws of Governor Newsom and the Legislature’s anti-business attitude.

Such actions reduce revenues that support government services on all levels.  Rather than cutting their budget expenditures, the State has opted to raise taxes instead

 At the same time the States one Party government fueled by support primarily lobbyists and public employee labor unions has eliminated most opposition from moderates and conservatives. Such a predicament is not healthy in a democracy.

Indicative of the power wielded by the Left, Gavin Newsom, acting like a Banana Republic dictator, continues to kill commerce by executive order. His latest venture into Marxism is banning the sale of petroleum fueled vehicles in five years in favor of renewable electric powered cars.  Despite the fact there is not sufficient energy or economic means available to charge this fleet of the future, he aggressively plugs along, hoping for miracles.  At the same time Newsom is trying improve his green credentials with Progressives voters.

Yikes!  I wish the deceit, lying, and misrepresentation that has transpired since Donald Trump was elected in 2016 will somehow end regardless of how the Presidential race turns out.  It is scary to think what might be in store for our country if the unholy alliance between Democrats and their co-dependents in the news media continues for another four years.

The malignant political corruption that has engulfed our Democracy must end.


Richard Eber studied journalism at the University of Oregon. He writes about politics, culture, education restaurants, and was former city and sports editor of UCSB Daily. Richard is president of Amerasa Rapid Transit, a specialized freight forwarder.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official position of Citizens Journal.

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Criminal activity is a legal term isn’t it. If someone hasn’t been charged how can you use the term?

Citizen Reporter

For a person who posts under various aliases, you sure are self-righteous.


Mr. Eber is speaking 100% truth, and you seem to be triggered. That usually happens when someone is ignoring something that doesn’t feel right. I realize this is an old article- I just hope you have woken up a bit since, and by woken up, I don’t mean “woke”. Our country is a current disaster, along with growing disaster throughout the world under this administration. I’ll end with this- HUNTER BIDENS LAPTOP! All the evidence on it of horrible criminal activity has been proven legitimate- Why hasn’t the mainstream media been blasting it all over? Hmmmmm?

Last edited 3 days ago by Amery