Mike Dunn, Conejo Valley School Board member writes in support of Dominic Conti

Editor’s Note: This was sent  to Larry and Gina Conti the parents of Dominic Conti in support of Dominic Conti who had been suspended from Westlake High School for defending his sister.  This was written by Michael Dunn who is on the Conejo Valley Unified School District Board of Education.

Dominic Conti

       The parents of Dominic Conti  appeal to the CDE asking that the Dominic Conti suspension be accepted for review.

Many legal experts believe the district decision was incorrect when suspending Dominic Conti .  The following codes were either violated or misapplied.

        1.  Education code 48911 (b):    Dominic was not allowed to present evidence in his defense.  A statement by Kamarron Butler was volunteered and rejected by the district on the night of the incident.  The statement was received 9 days after the suspension.  The Butler statement proves Dominic acted in self defense. 

        2. 5 CCR 4685.  Investigation.  The principal or the designee….as applicable, shall make all reasonable efforts to investigate any problem within his or her authority: Dominic was suspended 16 hours after the incident.  A reasonable effort to investigate was not done.  Ref:  Barclays copy of 5 CCR 4685.

     3. Education Code 48900(a) 2: Dominic cannot be suspended for “self defense.”  District misapplied the Education Code.

     4. Civil Rights Violation.  Due process violations: The assistant superintendent and the lawyer for the school district participated in the closed session deliberations of the school board regarding the complaint.

     5. Government Code 54954.3 (a)The school board voted BEFORE hearing public comments.  The public must be given the opportunity to comment before or during the legislative body’s consideration of the item. (§ 54954.3(a).) The public testimony requirement appears to apply to closed sessions as well as open meetings, but see section 11125.7(d) of the Bagley-Keene Act.”

    6.  Education Code 4900.5 (a):  “Suspension, including supervised suspension as described in Section 48911.1, shall be imposed only when other means of correction fail to bring about proper conduct.”   Dominic Conti has a 4.4 GPA and was senior class president. The district should have offered other means of correction.

         The Dominic Conti suspension is receiving national news coverage. He was protecting his sister who is the victim of repeated sexual harassment by a Westlake High School football player. Google these terms: “Dominic Conti suspension”  or   “Westlake suspension”   Dominic Conti has a GPA of 4.4.  He was Senior class president and a recipient of awards.  The suspension is affecting Dominic’s ability to attend a University and receive scholarships.

        The Conti’s asked the CDE (California Department of Education) to please accept the Dominic Conti appeal for review.  Thank you for your help.


 Mike Dunn


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